Vote For Kyle Coulter!

If we only knew he was going to run for office after graduating, we could have nicknamed him "The Minister of Defense!" Seriously folks, help a brother out. Go inside and see how you can help one of our dearest friends.

It was November 7th 2003 prior to the Lobos playing the Colorado State Rams when one of The Red Menace's favorite all-time players and eventual Red Menace Fan Appreciation Award winner Kyle Coulter burst through the line and battled then highly touted Ram QB Bradlee Van Pelt for a fumble to preserve the Lobo victory. Kyle popped up out of the scrum and pointed at his biggest fans in the end zone…

We first interviewed and met Kyle Coulter in the summer of 2001 when I conducted the first ever interview for which has morphed into the website you are reading right now. Soon there after we met Kyle's family Royce, Paula, and brother Chris who are no doubt the first family of The Red Menace. In our early years they did everything to support and guide us here.

 On the field Kyle was one of those typical Rocky Long football players. Not blessed with blazing speed or an abundance of power and size Kyle went to work in the weight room and on the practice field and busted his butt. Kyle for those have forgotten played through serious injury in his back and a well-documented heart condition along with asthma. A condition that caused Kyle to lose weight and endurance, a condition that would have forced a lesser man off the football field… Kyle knew he wasn't NFL material, but he played for the love of the game and he literally put his heart into it!

And while he may not have been NFL material he parlayed his hard work and dedication into winning the 2004 Red Menace Fan Appreciation award.

 Since then Kyle has visited us a couple of times and we have found out that Kyle is now running for the Oklahoma State House of Representatives- for the Del City OK district. I spoke with Kyle on the phone and he said, "I want to serve, and feel have a very good chance of winning." Kyle said,

 Kyle is facing an incumbent that has something Kyle can't boast… a sizable war chest. Kyle is running an organization that is labeled "grass roots." "I get off work, grab a bite to eat, and go out and shake people's hands and introduce myself to folks."
So let me think, an undersized defensive lineman that battled through many injuries and ailments played with all heart for a coach that is all about hard work and discipline, for an undersized and under funded school, while he and his family hung out with the mutts (aka The Red Menace) of the stadium. Shoot Kyle has always been behind the 8 ball and finds a way to be successful.

#96 Kyle Coulter does the Lobo Leap

Well now our brother needs our help. No, we can't all go vote in Del City and get Kyle elected… However, we could help him with a little cha-ching in the form of a political contribution.


There are plenty of ways to contribute to Kyle's campaign. You can mail it

Friends of Kyle Coulter
3931 S.E. 14th St.
Del City, OK   73115  

Make certain you put 14th St because there is a 14th Pl.  

 Or just go check out Kyle's website and contribute via credit card at

 Kyle Coulter for State House of Representatives

Please think about it as Kyle Coulter and the Coulter family has always been there for The Red Menace and as well as the University of New Mexico.

The Red Menace!

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