It isn't a new area code, but it reaches all area codes in the United States!!!

It was a little over 2 years ago that we were talking to outgoing New Mexico AD Rudy Davalos after doing the Lobo Coaches Show, when Davalos said, "next year you guys are going to love the coverage of Lobo sports." As we went deeper in conversation we found out about the Mountain West Television package, which eventually morphed into The Mtn.

 Now I'm not sure of all the ins and outs of the television deal, and obviously what people were told when CSTV and MWC signed these deals has been changed, and eventually CBS and Comcast got involved, and The Mtn was formed and everything became convoluted MWC fans and Lobo fans actually ended up with less viewing opportunities, and if you were out of the MWC "footprint" you had no chance at watching your favorite team. MWC fans were very angry…

Finally MWC fans are happy!

 Well all that has changed as today August 27, 2008 The Mtn has joined DirectTV and when I went to channel 616 and after having to call DirectTV and have them reboot my system, who did I see… Bronco Mendenhall of BYU. Yech! Just what nobody wants to see… BYU. After changing the channel and watching a little Judge Judy, I went back to the Mtn., and TCU coach Gary Patterson was on, that was interesting, than it was Utah's turn, and than I saw Coach Rocky Long!

Judge Judy...


 I spoke to Pam Stinson the Director of Marketing for The Mtn and here is our interview.


Click here for Interview

 While I had to suffer through hearing Bronco and Cougar puke talk, I would have to say that the wait for The Mtn is definitely worth it and will propel the MWC recruiting wise, recognition wise, and I will finally be able to see every Lobo football game and the majority of basketball games on television!

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