Drop The Tamale

UNM falls to 0-2 and the majority of New Mexican's prove how small time we are in this state.

Two weeks in a row and the Lobo offense is playing drop the tamale. Last week TCU scored like 26 points with 72 yards of offense or something crazy like that, fast forward to Texas A&M and QB Donovan Porterie gift wraps a TD via an interception and sets the Aggies up in great field position for two more scores with an interception and fumble as the Aggies beat the Lobos 28-22.

 The first year the Lobos have the same offensive coordinator running the same offense in years and the Lobos look like they have to go back to the drawing board offensively as Jr. Donovan Porterie looked like a true frosh with his first look at the playbook. Coming off a poor performance vs. TCU last week Porterie looked like he was poised for a super game hitting his first 4 passes. Combined with Rodney's rushing the Lobos offense looked to prove that last week's performance was a fluke…

 Unfortunately Porterie's 5th pass ended up in Aggie defender Jordan Peterson's hand for a 48 yard interception return for the game's opening score. To compound problems Porterie's next pass attempt was picked off by Arkeith Brown and A&M built a quick 14 point lead.

 The Lobo defense on the other hand was solid knocking out A&M QB Stephen McQueen out of the game early, and were playing a solid game… They did have one lapse prior to halftime gun and what a horrid lapse it was… Or was it?

 A&M took the ball over on their own 7 yard line after a superb Adam Miller punt. A&M's Jerrod Jackson led the Aggies down the field with smart plays where he didn't force passes up, throwing the ball away when any pressure… Whether inside the pocket or not… The Lobos eventually stopped the Aggies on the Lobo 45 when the referee pulled his yellow flag up and called roughing the passer on UNM's Ian Clark giving the Aggies new life. Still the Lobos pressure Jackson who throws one into the stands while being in the pocket… The referee did not pull his flag this time. Next play in one on one coverage A&M WR Jeff Fuller pulled an interception out of UNM's DeAndre Wright's hands for the Aggie's 3rd touchdown.

 After the kickoff Coach Long was seen moving onto the field and giving said referee a piece of his mind. Couldn't hear what Coach Long said, but I'm pretty sure he was explaining the rule of intentional grounding…

 The 2nd half found the Lobo defense and special teams really setting the tone as they were popping Aggies left and right, dominating the Aggie line, while Ian Clark turned in a great performance returning punts as well as picking up a muffed punt!

 In my opinion thanks to special teams play and the defense the momentum had once again turned UNM's way when a bobbled snap/fumbled that was picked up by A&M's Michael Bennett who returned it to the New Mexico 21. A&M picked up their 4th and eventual game winning TD.

 Still the Lobos had a chance to win as Donovan Porterie guided the Lobos on 2 long time consuming drives for two touchdowns sans 2 point conversion.

 Adam Miller who was solid all day as a punter couldn't come up with either onside kick and the game ended A&M 28-22

What went Right!

Defense! D-Fence! On fire once again. They did give up a couple of third and long situations, but nobody is perfect, and their one big drive given up was suspect at best.

Ian Clark and the Punt return team were awesome! They gave the Lobos great field position most of the afternoon.

 Adam Miller bounces back and has a solid game!

 Aho and Zamora did their jobs to perfection!

 Hitmen are progressing

What Went Wrong!

New Mexican's stink as sports fans. 28007 in the stadium for this game shows that New Mexico fans are still not ready for prime time. They talk a big talk, but are crippled when it comes to the walk.

Turnovers! Turnovers! Turnovers! Thus far the 2008 season is filled with turnovers.

 Inconsistent passing- Not going to blame the QB or the WR here as it is on all of them to get it done!

Offensive Player of the Game

Rodney Ferguson- 19 carries 144 yards 2 touchdowns on the ground. Toss in 5 receptions for 22 yards and Rodney put in a good effort.


Defensive Player of the Game

Punter- Adam Miller

I really wanted to give this to Ian Clark as he deserves a mention but the past week maligned Adam Miller stepped up today in a big way! 5 punts for a 42 yard average. 5 punts where the hang time was acceptable, and pinning the Aggies within the there own 10-yard line twice

In the Locker Room with Rudy C.

Rudy C. had the dubious duty of going into the locker room after the game to speak with Lobo players and coaches. Today Rudy C. caught up with DeAndre Wright and Matt Quillen.

As an added bonus prior to the game Rudy caught up with some A&M fans...

Glad to pay $50.00 a ticket

Photo courtesy of NewMexicoSportsNews.com

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