Broken Beat and Scarred. But We Die Hard!

Lobos suffer through injuries but never surrender, they Die Hard! Interview with Brad Gruner!

Rudy C. went out to Lobo football practice on a breezy Monday evening as the Lobos got back to work Monday night. In a season where the Lobos have no bye weeks and are now suffering through serious injuries…. Porterie, Clark, Harrison and those little nagging injuries like Ferguson and Baker the Lobos have a silver lining… (Silver lining as in Cherry and Silver lining… Okay even that is a little silly for this homer.)

 Anyway a pair of the silver linings showed up in Las Cruces Saturday night as the Lobos dominated their in state rivals New Mexico State 35-24 for the 6th straight victory over the Aggies.

 It didn't happen very easily as the Aggies jumped out to a quick 14-0 lead before most fans settled in with their popcorn and favorite cold beverage. The folks on the message board were going nuts thinking the season was over, and in Loss Cruces Memorial Stadium Aggie fans rose up to taunt their big brothers from the North…

 A funny thing that Hal Mumme's Aggies may have forgotten… To quote the new Metallica CD:

 You rise you fall your down and you rise again
What don't Kill you Makes you more strong
You rise you fall your down and you rise again
What don't Kill you Made you more strong
Rise Fall down Rise again

Broken Beat and Scarred
But we die hard!

 Down 14-0 the Lobos did not panic, instead they went to the bread and butter of this program. Tough hard hitting blitzing defense that started pounding on NMSU's Chase Holbrook and on offense Ride The Hitmen and a huge dose of Rodney Ferguson!

 The Lobo offense responded to the early Aggie lead with a Rodney Ferguson plunge into the end zone. What made this TD so amazing was that Rodney had left the game earlier with what appeared to be a shoulder injury… It looked like Rodney's night was over, however…

 Broken Beat and Scarred
But we die hard!

 The resilient Lobo football team looked to New Mexico Bowl hero Paul Baker who responded with 37 carries of his own for 147 yards and TD. Baker was amazing going between the tackles breaking outside and just doing what ever it took to eke out every inch of yardage he could… Baker would later go out with some injury of his own, but…

 Broken Beat and Scarred
But we die hard!

 In comes RS-Frosh James Wright to make a punishing run for a first down for the Lobos and bust a 55 yard touchdown run of his own!

 BTW- before we give all the credit to our RB's did anyone notice The Hitmen were planting Aggies on their butts all night long! I believe the best pancake block in a long time was Jr. Josh Taufele just flat out crushing some poor unfortunate Aggie that got in his way. The Hitmen took it upon themselves and delivered in a way that was flat out amazing and had to make Coach Lenzmeier smile as The Hitmen were reborn Saturday night!

 The Lobo defense with both Ian Clark and Phillip Harrison out also showed that

 Broken Beat and Scarred
But we die hard!

 With Harrison gone (according to his father his career may be over.) the D-line continues to improve weekly. How about Jaymar Latchison? And has anyone noticed that Mr. Brett Kennedy looks to be very solid as an interior lineman?

 With Clark out the Lobos brought in an extra linebacker instead of two Lobo safeties and the Lobo linebackers were flat out on fire. Herbert Felder and Zach Arnett were simply amazing. Felder harassed Holbrook all night long while Arnett would use his explosive hitting to crush Aggies. Terel Anyiabe was also explosive in the Aggie backfield. I would say the Lobo LB corps rates serious mad props!

 Now the game was still in doubt early in the 4th quarter as the Aggies put together a nice drive to go up 24-16 with 12:27 left in the game, however…

 Broken Beat and Scarred
But we die hard!

 That is when RS-Frosh Brad Gruner asked to win the game rather then to not lose the game. Now Gruner was expected to make plays for this team, not just manage the team, and Mr. Gruner responded!

 On the following drive Coach Dave Baldwin pulled a play he had been waiting to use all night… Gruner in the shotgun fakes the hand off to Baker who streaks to the right taking every Aggie defender with him… Surprise Gruner has the ball and takes off for 46 yard scamper. 2 plays later Gruner hits McQueen for his first passing touchdown!

 Lobo defense takes over and Gruner leads his team out once again, as he and Baker combine for a first down and Gruner makes what might be the play of the night rolling out and hit TE Chris Mark on a 3rd and 3 play for the first down! With the drive extended Baker eventually pushes through for his first TD of the game and the Lobos had their first lead of the night!

 The Lobo defense stand strong and RS-Frosh James Wright tastes the end zone and the Aggies are left wondering what they must do to beat the Lobos…

 Meanwhile the Lobos rose and fell but they got up again… Broken, beat, and scarred… They die hard!


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Offensive Player of the Game

Paul Baker

What a man! Baker said, "I'll do it!" And that is exactly what he did. He put this team on his back and was one of the leaders that took this team to victory! 37 carries 147 yards and TD!

 Defensive Player of the Game

This is a tough one that comes between 2 linebackers. One just a tackling machine and the other just harassed the QB all night long…

 I went with the harasser!
Herbert Felder was a man possessed at hitting the QB as Herbert was in on Chase Holbrook all night long!

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