"Ugly? Is That Your Adjective"

The above quote in the headline is from Coach Rocky Long and we at The Red Menace approve of his message. To hear the rest of this story please go inside!

What do you call a game where your offense rushes for 317 yards while holding your opposition to 130? What do you call a game where your team scores 24 points while your opposition scores zero (The first conference shut out in decades)? What do you call it when your punt returner is on fire?  What do you call it when it is pouring rain and some of the few people left in the stadium are in the end zone painted red and going nuts!

 Well some people call it ugly… For Lobo fans it is a thing a beauty!

 Rocky Long has been here for a decade now and he always talks about defense! Defense! Rocky is a defensive guy so you know that he was smiling with that big goose egg his defense pitched today.

First offensive play of the game Wyoming QB Karsten Sweed threw a pass that was tipped by Carmen Messina and Frankie Solomon snared the tipped pass and shot right into the end zone for the score. What made this score sweet is that the Lobos for the first time this year had the lead in the 1st quarter! The Lobos didn't have to play from behind!

 The Lobo defense shut down Wyoming's offense again (Get used to that!) but a James Aho who has been on fire missed a FG attempt…

 Lobo defense says no dice Wyo!

 The Lobo offense takes over and Paul Baker who is starting in place of the injured Rodney Ferguson and one of QB Brad Gruner's passes get the Lobos to the Red Menace Zone! Got Syrup goes up and after 2 unsuccessful attempts by Baker in comes the big Frosh James Wright. 3rd and goal from the 5 Wright rumbles to the 1. Coach Long puts faith in his Hitmen and they bust open a hole for James to go into the end zone!

Not only were the Lobos up at the end of the 1st quarter, they had a convincing punishing 14 point lead!

 The second quarter started where the 1st left off as the Lobos brought that special whopping stick out tonight! Zach Arnett went at the Wyoming offense scoring a career high 16 tackles including a sack and fumble recovery! Herbert Felder once again spent time in the opponent's backfield picking up a pair of sacks and 3 QB hurries, a forced fumble, and recovery to go with his 8 tackles, and Clint McPeek was… Well he was Clint McPeek!

 In the second quarter Brad Gruner who still working on the passing part of the offense showed that his legs work just fine as he dropped back for a pass, looked to be trapped in the backfield… Gruner pulls the ball down and takes off for a 52 yard run! Two players later Gruner gets into the end zone to give the Lobos a 21-0 lead.

 Some great Lobo defense, the heavens pouring forth rain like we were in Seattle and "Lobo Fan" hits the turnstiles!

 The second half started and the Lobo fans remaining were dancing and singing in the rain hoping the Lobos could pitch that shutout! If you were looking for high-powered offense at that time you were disappointed as the field was a soggy mess, it was wet and rainy, and there was a slight breeze in the air… I guess I would call it… FOOTBALL WEATHER!

 Offensively the Lobos continued to move the ball but could only manage James Aho going 1-2 in the second half while Wyoming was befuddled by the Lobo defense!

 Punt returner Ian Clark was back in the lineup and gave those remaining plenty to cheer about nearly breaking a couple of returns!

 In the end the highlights were the defense working hard to preserve the first conference shutout in 25 years and their big highlights were late in the 4th quarter when Karsten Sweed threw a pass to Wyoming receiver David Leonard. Leonard may have secured the pass over DeAndre Wright and as he was about to come down Lobo safety Frankie Baca obliterated Leonard and took out DeAndre as well! It was the type of hit that Lobo safeties are quickly becoming known about!

 Next Wyoming possession Herbert Felder scores the Trifecta…Sack, Fumble, and Recovery!

 The Lobos last possession had them running out the clock when James Wright busts out the line for a 42 yard run to the Wyoming 2 yard line! The Lobos had plenty of time to score, in fact, Wyo's Joe Glenn called a timeout. The stage was set for the Lobos to easily go up 31-0 and make this media called "ugly victory" even worse.

 However, this is Coach Rocky Long we are talking here. For those of you that don't know Coach Long does not embarrass his opponents. He isn't just a coach he is a fan of collegiate football and he does it with class… So he had his QB take a knee! One of the few left if you ask me…

Some quick hits!

Tate Smith came in and the Lobos tried a couple of trick plays. Neither worked but Tate looked like he did this spring and fall. Very poised and I believe able to lead this team if asked.

 RB Controversy! Who do you feed the ball to? Rodney, Paul, James… I think I like the idea of all 3!

Ian Clark was so solid and is a weapon on both the defense and special team, great to have Ian back!

I thought Adam Miller has settled down and is having a solid season!

 Where was everyone going? It wasn't that cold, just a little wet!

 Offensive Player of the Game!


Ian Clark- Ian's punt returns were spectacular to watch! He set the Lobos up in great position multiple times and know it is just a matter of time until he springs a couple!


Defensive Player of the Game!

Herbert Felder

 Back to back honors for Mr. Felder as he once again spent more time in the opposition huddle then his own teams. The trifecta helped as well!


Special thanks to DeAndre Wright and Wesley Beck!


It was a cold and wet night and the hundred or so people in The Red Menace stayed for the Lobo Leap! I want to thank DeAndre and Wes for making the dash to The Red Menace and showing the love!

Click here to listen to Rocky Long, Ian Clark, Glover Quin, Joshua Taufalele, and Frankie Solomon!

Coach Long
Rocky lays the smack down on local media!

Ian Clark

Glover Quin

Joshua Taufalele

Frankie Solomon

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