You Done Good Krebs!

Paul Krebs had a certain criteria for UNM's next head coach. Go inside and find out for some Red Menace Radio to find out if he met that criteria!

When Coach Long resigned AD Paul Krebs (I know he is Vice-President or some other sort of title, but AD works best for writers and us internet dudes!) Anyway, AD Krebs gave a list of things that he wanted out of the next head coach.

Krebs said he wanted a coach that could a.) bring an exciting offense to UNM b.) Be a great recruiter c.) Sell the program!

Well today the word leaked out from Rudy C. early this morning that the new coach would be current Illinois OC/Recruiting Coordinator Mike Locksley.

Now I have to admit to all of you right now that I'm not a big follower of collegiate football as a whole. I'm pretty happy to only follow my Lobos and after that… Well I don't really know too much so I had to go to "experts" that I know for information on Coach Locksley aka Coach Lox!

So put your microphones on as I interviewed ‘s Jack Lyman about Coach Locksley as Coach Lox has been up in Illinois for a few years and our very own Daniel Harper who follows NCAA football like a madman especially the recruiting aspect of it on a national level…


Click here for Jack Lyman


Click here for Daniel Harper


Obviously we won't know how good or great this hire is for a year or two, but I must say that by listening to Jack and Daniel (Jack Daniels get it!) I have to say

You done good Paul Krebs! You've done real good!

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And talk about the hire of Coach Lox!

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