You Done Good Pt. II

Today Coach Mike Locksley was introduced to New Mexico fans, boosters, and the dreaded media. Coach Lox, didn't survive, he thrived! Also, some Red Menace Radio with Coach Lock and Paul Krebs.

So today with the band, many of the Lobo football team, the band, media, boosters, and fans were officially introduced to Coach Mike Locksley aka Coach Lock today.

I went in wanting to hear what Coach Lock had to say and I must say that I was very impressed… I'm not going to relay the whole presser as I'm sure it is on or The Mtn's website, but there were some things that I came away highly impressed with.

 First and foremost, the part about UNM players, fan, and community being part of the Lock Family! I don't have the exact quote, but it was something to the effect that if you mess or disrespect my family, we are going to have some problems! As a fan that made me feel real good…

 Second the idea of identifying who our main games are against and having them "circled on his calendar."

 Third, Mortar and bricks don't make recruiting. It is personal with him… That is real good… and another thing that got me pumped up.

 The last being that he wanted to come to New Mexico because he felt he could build this program up.

 Now obviously, a new coach isn't going to come to town, have a big press conference, and say… Well I don't know how good, I'm going to be, or if we can win, or recruiting is impossible, or I'm not really down with my players… This is after all a press conference where Coach Locksley is going to try and pump up the community!

 I only had a minute or two to speak to Coach Lox as I had to share him one on one with the rest of the media, but I will try to see if we can get some time to talk about different things with him soon as I know he is busy, but here is the short interview I had with Coach Lock.

Click here to listen to Coach Lox

 I also spoke with AD Paul Krebs who was very interested to check out the website and see what folks thoughts on Coach Lock.


Click here to listen to Paul Krebs

Things that made me go Huh?

 First, I was really goading Greg Archuleta to label himself "the enemy" in true Journal fashion (I knew Greg wouldn't do it, he has too much class.) However, I did have to go Huh?? When he ask Coach if he had some success when would he be leaving. I just have an answer for Greg (once again the only scribe I truly respect) Can we let him at least get through a practice before we start job watching.

 KOB guy… Whenever you start a question with…." Not to knock the current players on the team but, there isn't a "Juice Williams" walking through the door…"

 I think KOB guy was talking out of his butt when he asked this question. This had to be by far the dumbest question of the day! Especially after Coach Lock had said, if you bad mouth or disrespect my "family" (players and fans) we are going to have some problems…

Okay, enough negative, let's talk about the positive! At least for one evening (tonight) the people customers and co-workers alike had Lobo football on the mind. They wanted to know more about Coach Locksley and what he was going to bring to UNM. I'm hoping that sort of mindset will continue to grow and that it will translate into season ticket purchases, YAFL ticket donations, and maybe, just maybe ApathetiQurque towards Lobo football can finally die off and we can be Lobo-town, for all sports!

Welcome Coach Locksley

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