"We Are Going Out Together"

The 2008 Seniors asked Coach Rocky Long to come to the banquet, "so they could go out together." Go inside and listen to Coach Long's last night as Lobo coach and TRM Fan Appreciation Award Winner DeAndre Wright.

The 2008 season came to an end this evening as the University of New Mexico Football team held their season ending banquet. The night is always cool and somewhat emotional as guys that have played, practiced, gone to school with one another start a new direction in their lives while saying good-bye to the fans…

What made it more emotional was that former Coach (who hard is it to say that?) Rocky Long was asked by the seniors to attend the banquet. Rudy C. did some taping of Coach Long for you to hear what he had to say.

Coach Long's speech

Like the players told Rocky, "We are going out together." So just like the classic Westerns ever made, the hero rides off into the sunset with all the people sniffling and saying, "There goes the best guy I ever met!" The speech by Rocky Long at the end of the banquet is something every Lobo fan should hear and remember. It is truly The ROCK at his finest

Also TheRedMenace.com presented its annual Red Menace Fan Appreciation Award to the outgoing senior that for his career at UNM was always there for the fans. The player that made Lobo fans feel special and a part of the team.

This year's recipient is none other then CB DeAndre Wright. DeAndre was what The Red Menace Fan Appreciation Award has always been about. How can you ever forget his infectious smile and winning attitude, and the joy that he brought to The Red Menace after every Lobo victory being the first player to do The Lobo Leap. DeAndre also took the Lobo Leap on the road jumping as he sailed into the Lobo fans in Las Cruces.

Click here to listen to DeAndre Wright

 Tradition! The Lobo Leap is a tradition, one that DeAndre said he took learned from 2005 winner Hank Baskett III, who watched guys like 2004 winner Kyle Coulter make the leap, who watched 2002 winner Brandon Gregory make the Leap, which was started by 2001 winner Scott Gerhardt!

 I'm hoping that this year's juniors, sophomores, and freshmen learn from DeAndre and these former guys and that next year YOU MAKE THE LEAP! There are so very few traditions associated with Lobo football, but things like running to The Red Menace before the game, and doing the Lobo Leap after victory are two that are very special to the fans and hopefully the players! So please seniors to be, make it hard on us to pick next year's Fan Appreciation Award Winner!


Other Award winners tonight are as follows:

 Most Valuable Offensive Scout
Fr. DB Joe Stoner

Most Valuable Defensive Scout
Fr. WR Andre McQueen

 Chuck Cummings Award – Most Inspirational Player
 Jr. S Ian Clark

Outstanding Offensive Lineman

Jr. C Erik Cook

Zia Award – Most Valuable New Mexico Player
Sr. LB Zach Arnett

Leading Tackler
Jr. S Clint McPeek

Outstanding Special Teams Player
Sr. S Jake Bowe

Clyde Hill Award – Most Improved Player
RS-Fr. QB Brad Gruner

Col. HJ Golightly Award – Most Valuable Defensive Player
 Sr. CB Glover Quin

 Reese Hill Award – Most Valuable Offensive Player
Sr. RB Rodney Ferguson

Bill Brannin Award – Most Valuable Player
Sr. CB Glover Quin

Congratulations to all this year's winners as we look forward to seeing some of you on the field next year, and for those outgoing seniors Thank you! Thank you for being such classy and great individuals that came together as a team, working your butts off, sweating, bleeding, fighting off injuries, and allowing us to have so much fun being fans of yours.

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