Congratulations New Mexico Bowl!

If I listened to local media, I wouldn't have gone to the game. However, we all know The Red Menace marches to the beat of their own drummer! So I thumbed my nose at our local media enjoyed an excellent bowl game atmosphere! Go inside and take a listen to some of our interviews!

The 2008 New Mexico bowl can be called nothing but a success. The Colorado State Rams defeated the Fresno St. Bulldogs 40-35 in what can only be called a great game.

 Now I'll be the first to admit, I don't have any vested interest in either team, but unlike a certain newspaper columnist those of us in The Red Menace have always gone to football games because it is fun! So I wasn't too concerned about who was playing, I just wanted to enjoy myself watching NCAA Div-I football in our house.

 How was I to know that such a great game would break out, as CSU's Gartrell Johnson was a beast of a running back rushing for 285 yards and 2 touchdowns, along with 98 yards receiving. Toss in that CSU QB Billy Farris tossed for 257 yards and a pair of touchdowns including the clutch TD to end the 1st half that set the tone that CSU was indeed coming to Albuquerque for a victory!

Click here to listen to QB Billy Farris

 Like I said though I wasn't going to root for either of the two teams, I'm a Lobo fan! I wanted to use this article to congratulate all involved with the New Mexico Bowl as it was once again a top notched event. One that the state of New Mexico should be proud of..

 The past few weeks on radio and newspaper all I've seen how this was celebrating mediocrity and word on the street was that New Mexicans wouldn't or in some cases shouldn't intend. Sometimes I get angry when people say that New Mexico is backwards… In a case like this though I have to agree, at times we are very backwards. Come on Lobo fans let's join the 20th century! I realize we are in the 21st, but I'm looking for progress not perfection.

 I had the chance to speak to the New Mexico Bowl Executive Director Jeff Siembieda during the New Mexico Bowl and was pumped to hear what he had to say.

Click here to listen to Jeff

 I just want you all to know that it is true, we at do get it! It is fun to go see a football game! It is enjoyable to have our state's name mentioned all across the country. It is great to have events like the New Mexico Bowl in our city… Like one of our old T-shirts said, The Red Menace, it isn't just a section, it is an attitude!

 Our goal in the year 2009 is to infect more people with that Red Menace attitude!

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