Take A Seat On My Couch Lobo Fans

Rocky Long takes the job to SDSU and many Lobo fans feel crushed and betrayed... Go inside find out why Rocky going to a MWC school is a good thing!

So Rocky Long aka "The Rock is heading to the beaches and tomb of a stadium known as Qualcomm Park as he is joining his friend Brady Hoke as the defensive coordinator of the San Diego State Aztecs.

 And the message boards have been freaking nuts about it. From one freaking extreme to the other… words like "traitor" and "disloyal" have been tossed out as well as the various F-bombs, and crushing of the Aztecs…

 So I put on my Sigmund Freud hat, fired up a big old fat cigar and thought about it… Then I called Dom in the frozen tundra called Kansas City and Podcasted it…

Click here for Podcast!

 And I've come to the conclusion that maybe it is better that The Rock goes to a conference rival instead of some BCS school.

 There were quite a few people that ended up being "Rocky Long fans" instead of "Lobo fans" that were willing to switch allegiances wherever The Rock went. Had he gone to a BCS team perhaps there would have been many of the "loyal" 20K that would hang out in University Stadium on a Saturday afternoon stay home to watch The Rock's defense in Oklahoma St., Washington, Mississippi St., or the other places that Rocky was rumored to go.

 For those of you that remember Mike London's wrestling on Sunday mornings before Tarzan, NFL football, and Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom should remember how a wrestler would go from the baby face "good guy" to the hated "heel"

 Well this move reminds me of the same thing. The "Golden Boy" turns into the "Bad Boy."

So for those Lobo fans that are wounded or in pain...  The wound is fresh and painful right now, but there is a new doctor in the house and his name is

Doc. Locks

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