Lobos Crush The Aggies Pt. II (SWEEP)

UNM rebounders put their hardhats on and go to work as the Lobos sweep the Aggies!

I finally was able to watch the thrilling Lobo victory over New Mexico State in The Pan-Am Center today and had some thoughts I wanted to get off my chest as the Lobos sweep the hated Aggies 68-66 in a game that was a nail biter but really shouldn't have been.

 I put this on a post on our message board, but wanted to put it on up here as well. Is this Lobo team the most tenacious group of rebounders you have ever seen? Maybe because it is fresh but these guys just keep going and going, they don't stop and led by Daniel Faris' 11 boards (7 offensive) and Roman Martinez's 6 I have to say that during the game I was enjoying watching the Lobos board up more than I did watching them score.

The "Tenacious" Roman Martinez

 There is something about the Lobos rebounding skills and why I enjoy it so much. They aren't the biggest players on the floor, might not be the most athletic players on the floor, but they are just persistent and refuse to give the ball up, and this attitude is catching like a disease as Will Brown and Chad Toppert started getting into the act! For the record the Lobo rebound crew out hustled the Aggies 37 to 32 with 17 offensive boards!

The lost art form

Is it just me, or do the Lobos love that bounce pass? Seriously, I don't remember seeing a hoops team utilize the bounce pass like this Lobo team. While we do see teams using the bounce pass the Lobos have really re instituted the bounce pass it into an art form as I see 1-2 a possession and the defenses aren't catching up.

Oh those nasty turnovers! I don't want to get all cliché here and go to the "bakery truck" rant, but like I said the Lobos were and should have blown out the Aggies but the Lobos fell victim to serious self-inflicted wounds as they ended up with a 20-12 turnover to rebound ratio. The Aggies did it by leaving a spy defender on every Lobo inbound pass after an Aggie made field goal. For some reason the Lobos never adapted to this "spy", but knowing Coach Alford and Neal… That will be a changing this week in practice as the Lobos prepare for UNLV.

Chants by Section 26

I was thinking today watching the game, now I know it was in Loss Cruces but whatever happened to the chanting of a player's name? Does anyone recall a few years ago the chants of Daniel Faris! Daniel Faris! Daniel Faris! I'm thinking maybe when a player is having a huge game they should bring those chants back!

Player of the game

Well when it comes to sweeps you have to look at the guy that was sweeping the floor with Aggie players and cleaning the glass. Daniel Faris. The senior has really become a force to be reckoned with down low!

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