Eye On Recruiting: Zach Minter

Coach Locks staff is scouring the country for future Lobos. Today's "Eye on Recruiting" takes a look at Cactus High School's Zach Minter

Every recruiting season, players that are not receiving the type of attention their stats warrant, slip through the cracks and end up making a huge name for themselves. Eye on Recruiting focuses in on one of those players today… Cactus HS (Glendale AZ) Zach Minter.

Minter didn't start playing organized football until his junior season, but that hasn't stopped him from sacking quarterbacks all over the Phoenix area. I spoke to Cobra Head Football Coach Fetkenhier who was gracious enough to spend a few minutes of his time talking about his talented linemen and his first statement about Zach's play, says all you need to know about Zach Minter, "He is an absolute freak of nature," exclaims Coach Fetkenhier!

Minter hoops it up!

  TRM: Coach, what would be an accurate height and weight for Zach?

 CF: He is about 6'1/2" 260 lbs.

  TRM: How did UNM's recruitment of Zach come about?

CF: One of the coaches called and asked what I had, so I sent him a video of Zach, and he let the UNM's D-line coach see it. They (UNM) started recruiting him over the holidays, so it got started late, but they are definitely in the mix.

  TRM: So what kind of player is Zach?

  CF: He is an absolute freak of nature. He played DL for us and he is the point guard for the boys' basketball team. Zach can stand flatfooted, jump and grab the rim. I am from Michigan, and if Zach played there he would coaches lined up out the door. For a kid who can flat-out play, I feel he is way under-recruited. Our team played against Saguaro HS in Scottsdale and they have a couple of kids Arizona State is recruiting (OT Kobe Koebensky and DT Corey Adams). After the game, their coach told me Zach was the best player they had played against all year. We played Chaparral HS and they have two kids going to Michigan, (DE Craig Roh and OT Taylor Lewan) and Zach was relentless that game, they couldn't block him.

I have been coaching a long time, I've coached Jonathan Beasley (Former KSU QB), and Dallas Cowboys LG Kyle Kosier, and Zach is an absolute freak compared to them. Too often coaches fall in love with the 6'4" and above Defensive Linemen. Zach is not that tall (6'1/2"), but he can play DL and is asked to break a press as a point guard.

TRM: Coach, what schools are currently recruiting Zach? Offered?

CF: Montana State is all over him, Portland State, and New Mexico have offered. Nevada, UNLV, and Minnesota have started looking at him. Like I said earlier Zach is a very good basketball player We convinced him to come out for the football team as a junior, so his upside is phenomenal

Thanks coach!

Minter with the tackle

Here are Zach Minter's stats last season

51tackles… 15 sacks… 2 fumble recoveries

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