Eye On Recruiting: Derrell Person

Coach Locksley is once again showing that he can get young men from the Washington DC area to New Mexico.

 D.C. Coolidge Derrell Person committed to Syracuse in August 2008, and by his own admission was "110% percent committed" to the Orange . With the firing of Head Coach Greg Robinson, things changed for Derrell aka "Rell" and he started looking around.


"Rell" took a look at the school his friend and former QB Emmanuel Yeager who had recently changed his commitment from Louisville to New Mexico. Toss in a visit from Coach Locks (Mike Locksley) and it all came together.

TRM: Derrell, how did the dialogue start between you and Coach Locksley?

  DP: Coach (Locksley) was recruiting me when he was at Illinois so we already had a good relationship beforehand. I started hearing he was in the running for the Syracuse job so which got me excited because I love his offense and he's a great guy. Then like 1:00 AM in the morning, I got a call that Locks took the New Mexico job, so all I was waiting for was a call so we could get stuff started. I got a call from a number I didn't know a couple of weeks and I was hoping it was him. I answered the phone and it was coach, so we have been talking ever since.

  TRM: So what happened when he came out to visit you?

  DP: We just started talking about football. He asked me if I liked winning football games and going to bowl games. I said yeah I want to win football games and go to bowl games. I love winning; he loves winning, so we're on the same page. I want to get away, get my education, and become a man. I will work hard over the next three years to become a pro and New Mexico is the best place for me.

  TRM: So what schools have you heard from recently? Any plans for to visit elsewhere?

  DP: Maryland, Utah , Central Michigan, Louisville were calling. Michigan called wanting me and Emmanuel as a package deal… As far as visits, I am taking my visit to New Mexico on the 30th and that's it.

TRM: So what kind of receiver are you on the field?

  DP: I am a big-player WR (50 catches, 1011 yards receiving). I score every time I touch the ball (18 TDs); screens, go routes, it doesn't matter.

 TRM: So what do you want to me to pass on The Red Menace?

 DP: Just tell everyone I will be there in a little while, I'm on my way.

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