Kasey Carrier "Locked and Loaded"

Coach Locks and staff "Lock and Load" one of Texas' best running backs with the "Coach Locks Plan"

We told you a couple of weeks ago that the next couple of weeks were going to be huge for recruiting under Coach Locksley and his staff. This weekend was the first of those huge weekends as Pearland TX running back Kasey Carrier

How many touchdowns?!?!

 All you have to do is look at Kasey's Scout.com profile and after your jaw hits the floor… I will answer the question… YES! That Kasey Carrier 1st team All-State 5A Texas! YES, he of the 2,117 yards and 35 touchdowns and runner up for the Houston TD Club Trophy!

TheRedMenace.com was able to catch up with Kasey today right after his plane landed and he talked all about his trip. "It was real good, I liked the environment and the cold weather was great," said Carrier. After a chuckle I asked really? Most recruits don't bring up the cold weather as enjoyable. You really enjoyed it?  "I really did," he exclaimed!

That isn't the only thing Carrier enjoyed "I was able to tour the campus, checked out the dorms, they showed me the business and academic center of the football team. I went to the football field, IPF, was able to check out the equipment and football facilities it was really nice."

Kasey also got a little taste of Lobo fans, as he was able to catch Saturday night's men's hoops game as the Lobo demolished Air Force 78-53. "The basketball game was real nice there was a lot of people that went out there to support their team."

Now when Coach Locksley was hired he said, "mortar and bricks do not bring recruits." Coach Locks said it was all about the personal touch and I found out without asking Kasey Carrier the question that Coach Locks' Plan was in full effect and the "CLP" started when Carrier was back home in Pearland.

 "He (Coach Locks) has an unbelievable staff. They came down and talked to me at my high school. He was the first coach that I thought was being totally honest with me," says Carrier.  "When I went up and met Coach Locksley he was very straightforward, there was no lies or trying to tell me what I wanted to hear. The honesty is what really got me to come out here."

 So obviously the personal touch ended there right? Wrong! "When I came out here I was able to meet with the entire staff and that was really nice. I also went out with Ian Clark and we had a great time," said Carrier.

 There was another person that Kasey Carrier met while on his trip that really impressed him. "I got to meet the president of New Mexico (David Schmidley), said Carrier! "That was really a big thing for me as that had never happened before."

Well the cat was out of the bag but I always like asking prospective Lobos the big question… (Yeah I'm greedy I know J)
So Kasey did you come to a decision?

I decided to commit to New Mexico!

 Kasey told me this was his first and only trip as he chose New Mexico over Wyoming, Southern Mississippi, and Kansas State.

 My final question to Kasey was if he had anything to say to The Red Menace!

"Come out to the games. It is going to get real interesting with the players and the new coaching staff!"

 TheRedMenace.com would like to congratulate Kasey Carrier on his decision and welcome him to New Mexico. I would also like to personally thank him for giving me a call after his trip this weekend.

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