"Locked And Loaded" Emmanuel McPhearson

Coach Mike Locksley continues to use his DC connections to bring in talented young men to Albuquerque.

The last two weeks has been like a whirlwind of recruiting news, thanks to efforts of Coach Locksley and the new Lobo coaches. The District of Columbia is still his area of choice for picking talent, with the addition of speedy WR/DB Emmanuel McPherson; it is easy to figure out why. Emmanuel became the 6th commitment to the University of New Mexico and he gave me a few minutes of his time to speak on his recent pledge.

 TRM: Emmanuel, I heard you committed to UNM today?

 EM: Yeah, I committed around 2pm. I just told my dad I wanted to make the decision to commit because I like Coach Locks, and I feel he brings a lot to the table. The offense he ran at Illinois with Juice Williams is the true spread and I really want to be part of it. My family and I were already comfortable with him, so that made my choice easier.

 TRM: Tell us about your relationship with Coach Locksley?

 EM: Well he recruited my brothers when he coached (MD and IL respectively). One of them made it to the NFL and the other played high level D1 ball. The way he helped my brothers made a big impression on me and how I play.

  TRM: So are your strengths on the field?

 EM: My love for the game first and foremost. My speed and quickness on offense and defense, also I go get the ball when it's in the air.

  TRM: What position will you play at UNM?

  EM: Coach Locks gave me the choice and I am leaning toward playing on offense, but that could change tomorrow. So as of right now I am looking at playing in the slot.

  TRM: Did you have any other visits set up before you committed? When is your visit to UNM?

  EM: I was supposed to visit Akron this Friday, Eastern Michigan and Toledo after that but UNM is where I want to be so I cancelled them. Coach Locks and the WR coach are coming to my house next week. Calvin (McDowney) and I will be visiting on the 23rd.

  TRM: Finally, what do you want to say to the fans?

EM: Coach Locks will bring in a lot more DC players and there is a lot of interest (in UNM) from the MD players too. I am coming out there to take care of what I have to do.

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