Fitzpatrick For A Visit

Find out the latest recruiting news on Austin Fitzpatrick.

WR/TE Hybrids are being used more incollege football since they are faster than most linebackers and stronger than your normal safeties. With the University of New Mexico moving to the spread offense, these players are imperative to its success. I had a chance to speak with Hybrid WR/TE Austin Fitzpatrick from Friendswood High School in Texas fresh from his visit this past weekend to UNM.

TRM: So Austin, how was your visit?
AF: It was great, I loved it. I really enjoyed talking with Coach Locksley and Coach Dickey and the whole staff. I got to hang with Frankie (Solomon) and he is a great guy. We just hung out and played X Box, you know guy stuff. They took us around the whole campus and the improvements they are making are amazing. We got to meet the department heads for whatever we wanted to major in, which was cool.

TRM: Did you get offered while you were at UNM?
AF: No, they are trying to sign 5 linemen and because of the NCAA sanctions they are losing somescholarships, but I was told I would receive the first call when one comes open, also Coach Locksley is coming to my home on Wednesday.

TRM: Do you have other visitsset up andwhat other schools are currently recruiting you?
AF: Florida Atlantic, Louisiana-Lafayette, Louisiana Tech, and I do not have any other visits set.

TRM: So what position is UNM currently recruiting you?
AF: I am being recruiting as aTE/WR. I can play in the slot, or catch passes out of the backfield.I also play defense at DE or LB.

Players Stats: 53 catches 843 yards10 TDs

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