Coach Locks Becomes One of Us!

Today Coach Locksley and members of his staff found out what it was all about to members of The Red Menace as they were able to enjoy some tailgating and course chilling with Section 26

What a wonderful morning/afternoon in The Pit parking lot. The green chile was hot, the hash browns, eggs, and bacon was cooked to perfection as The Red Menace hosted yet another tailgate party before a Lobo hoops game. I must really pump up the boys and gals of Section 26 for not only getting this started but also really starting to make it a regular event. Was really cool to see everyone eating, drinking, and having a good time…


Of course it was also great to see special guests come around Football Coach Mike Locksley came for a visit accompanied by OC Darrell Dickey, DB coach George Barlow, C/Guards coach Mike Degory, Coach Gavin Bevis… What made the entire time so fun was that the coaches were there just to have fun, "We came out today as fans," said Coach Locks. "We just want to show our support."


Still, if football coaches are around, you know that fans have questions as I tried to grab as much information as I could from Coach Dickey while Coach Locksley attacked a breakfast burrito.

 I learned a lot in just the few minutes I spent with Coach Dickey as he explained the type of players they are looking for, what they are hoping to accomplish during spring and summer workout program… A couple of my biggest questions were running backs, if he and Coach Locks preferred the quick shifty backs, the big bull backs… Coach Dickey said we love versatility in our running back corps, we want the quick shifty guy but we also like a guy that can break arm tackles and take the ball right between the tackles and with a gleam in his eye he said…. "That would be James (Wright)"


Well I cut Coach Dickey loose to some other folks which was a mistake as I could talk to him all day long about football… I did leave him with this.

 We've been watching football here a certain way for near a decade now, and while I did enjoy every minute of it, it will be exciting to watch how these coaches conduct practices, interact with one another and their players, and everything else. Coach Dickey said, "This is a great place, the kids are really working hard and have great attitudes that is something the previous staff should take pride in. These are good guys and we spring ball will be fun."

 It was off to The Pit as the entire Locksley entourage descended upon The Pit. "I really want to be next to Snake," said Coach Dickey. And that is exactly where he ended up as Coach Dickey on the front row with Snake.

"Man Locks is the man!" exclaims UNM super fan Snake. "I love that he is down here hanging out with the people. Mike Locksley is the people's champ!"

Coach Locks and Dickey just didn't go down there for face time as they were caught plenty of times jumping up and down with Section 26, screaming, chanting, holding up the paper, doing the free throw wave, and of course shouting out when Tony Danridge threw down the monster alley-oop dunk! As we all know the Lobos trounced SDSU 75-49 but one of the highlight of the day for Section 26 was Coach Locks and Dickey.

Section 26 founding member Mackenzie Bishop, "I loved having Coach Locksley sit next to me. We talked about football, basketball, and all kinds of things. The guy was really cool and really liked that he was hanging out with the students."

 Props to the coaches for coming out to The Red Menace tailgate party and watching the game with Section 26, today the UNM football coaches created Lobo fans. Today they officially became one of us…

 And the closing words go to Coach Dickey on getting his wish to stand next to Snake during the game. "He is crazy!" exclaimed Dickey. "I really had a lot of fun with Snake, let's just say I'm glad he is on our side!"

The face only a mother, 18K plus screaming Lobo fans, Lobo football coaches, Gov. Bill Richardson, Paul Krebs, and SDSU's assistant coaches could love!

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