Section 26 at Gate 26!

Members of Section 26 and descended upon the Albuquerque Sunport this afternoon to greet their Lobos right off the plane. Go inside and listen to some exclusive interview with D. Gary and D. Faris.

What a game right? The University of New Mexico Lobos are able to come back on some unbelievable plays to earn the 81-79 victory over Colorado State!

 So after a gut wrenching victory like that you would think Lobo fans would be willing to just chill to the next episode…

 That isn't the case with's Howl Raisers President Wes Henderson as he started sending e-mails and posts out to get Lobo fans to try and muster out at the Sunport to welcome back the Lobo hoops team…

Guys like Louis T of (New Mexico Look) and ToLegitToSit jumped on the phone contact Scott Stiegler on his post game show to implore Lobo fans to get out there…They took on The Red Menace attitude and tried to make it a community affair!

 Well there wasn't thousands; there were fans that made it out including Wes Henderson for some exclusive audio reports with two of last night's heroes Daniel Faris and Dairese Gary

Click here for audio of Daniel


Click here for audio of Dairese

 The Lobos and all of Lobo nation look forward to Tuesday night's game vs. Utah for the share of the MWC regular season lead. Section 26 will be there! The Red Menace will be there… What about you Lobo fans! You buying in yet? You ready to become part of the madness that is Lobo hoops!

Props to LouisT for the photos…
Hey Louis next time ask Wes to borrow the press pass so you can get closer... (Sorry inside joke)

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