Day 2 "A Little Sloppy"

Lobo offense looks a little sloppy and their defensive teammates were more then happy to make them pay! Plus the 2009 schedule is out

Obviously the big news of the day is that Freshmen QB Emmanuel Yeager was given a week's suspension by Lobo football head coach Mike Locksley, according to Coach Locks this is an "in house thing" and that EY did nothing to break the law. Now some people might be freaking out, but Coach Locksley equated it to a father disciplining his son, that Mr. Yeager took his suspension like a man, was very apologetic and he will be back.


To quote Kanye West…

N- n- now th- that don't kill me
Can only make me stronger


Click here to listen to Coach Locksley's interview


Okay enough off the field stuff, I showed up and it was freaking cold today. Whoever thought it was "spring" practice was way off base. To quote Coach Locks, "I thought I was back in Illinois out there."

Click here for a M. Scarlett interview

 While the air and wind was cold and blowing the defense stepped up big time today, or was it the offense let down. According to Coach Locksley, he was a little disappointed in the way the Lobo offense beat themselves with bad throws, drops, miscommunication between the center and QB's, and a few fumbles….

Now for those of us that have followed Lobo football… Let's just say the Lobos always have an opportunistic defense and today was no different. If an offense is going to implode, the Lobo D is always there to lend a helping paw… As I counted interceptions by Freddy Young, Joe Stoner, Ian Clark, and Carmen Messina… Freddy's and Carmen's went back for touchdowns, while Stoner and Clark both caught theirs off of deflected passes or drops.

So while everyone was pumped about Tuesday's offense, it is still nice to know the Lobo defense is still in full effect!

 Not to say the offense was completely anemic as Brad Gruner made one of his patented fake the handoff, and go right off tackle for a touchdown, AJ Butler also had a couple of really nice runs, as did Terrence Brown. It is interesting watching the Lobo running game as it is unfolding, they have a beast in Mr. James Wright, and can cut you up big time with AJ and Terrence. What will be interesting is when Kasey Carrier and Demond Dennis join in the mix. All of a sudden you have a nice young and exciting stable of running backs!

 I also thought both Lucas Reed and Jonathan Mader also made a couple of nice plays from the TE position as they are being coached up. Cibola HS Coach Judge Chavez was on hand today and said that Mader could put on even more weight and should excel at the TE position. "He has great hands, and lots of talent," said Judge. "I think this is going to be a great move for him."

Since there wasn't any kind of live hitting going on (full pads on Saturday) I went over to watch the punt returners fielding punts in the windy weather. Adam Miller and Drew Zamora provided the punts which at times were tough to field as the wind would grab them… And Ian Clark, Michael Scarlett, Frankie Solomon, Bryant Williams, and Roland Bruno had to move to make some catches.

Lobo Punt Returners field punts in front of Coach J.B. Gerald

Ian Clark

Roland Bruno

Frankie Solomon

 Bryant Williams

I would have to say the first two days of practice have been great. Watching the coaches work, and seeing the players respond has been great. The squad looks eager and hungry and the influx of new coaches has a new atmosphere around the practice field. There is an energy being displayed as players are jockeying for position and playing time.


Defensive Player of Practice

LB Carmen Messina

 Messina is looking very comfortable at the middle linebacker position, and in his interview he just doesn't sound like an underclassmen.

Click here to listen to Carmen's interview

 What most impressed about Carmen's play was jumping up and snaring a pass. Carmen had full extension, and had the ball in his hands but somehow dropped it. Instead of being down on himself, he was able to put the drop to rest and the very next play stepped in front of a pass and take it back for the six points. That is the type of stuff that you love to see out of a player, the ability to put away a bad play and come back and redeem himself.


505/575 Pride

DB Freddy Young Las Cruces Mayfield

 Freddy made an outstanding pick today and was in on another pass defense as the young man is trying to work his way into the lineup.

2009 New Mexico Football Schedule

Day                             Date                              Opponent                  Time                              Broadcast

Saturday                    Sept. 5                           at Texas A&M            TBA                                TBA                                                                    

Saturday                   Sept. 12                        Tulsa                          6 p.m.                           

Saturday                   Sept. 19                        Air Force*                  5:30 p.m.               

Saturday                   Sept. 26                        New Mexico State  8 p.m.                            The mtn.

Saturday                    Oct. 3                             at Texas Tech          

Saturday                    Oct. 10                           at Wyoming*            

Saturday                    Oct. 17                           open

Saturday                   Oct. 24                          UNLV*             6

Saturday                    Oct. 31                           at San Diego State* 5:30 p.m.                     

Saturday                    Nov. 7                            at Utah*              4p.m.                           

Saturday                   Nov. 14                         BYU*          noon

Saturday                   Nov. 21                         Colorado State*      4 p.m.                           

Saturday                    Nov. 28                         at TCU*                 11 a.m.                   


*Mountain West Conference game

Get ready to join The Red Menace in the end zone and if you can't make it! Let's start getting those YAFL ticket donations in now!

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