Tony Being... Tony!

Lobo Tony Danridge goes to Detroit to win the 2009 Final Four Dunk Contest. Go inside for an exclusive interview with Tony D and an excellent video of Tony being Tony!

Last night on ESPN Tony Danridge was able to step in to the lime light of the Final Four and give New Mexico the spotlight on a station the Lobos don't find themselves on very much. Tony Danridge stepped up and won the 2009 Final Four dunk contest in a magnificent way that Lobo fans at this point should be used to. I spoke to Tony today as he was getting on an airplane for an exclusive interview with the Dunk Champion.

What is it like to end your collegiate career on a high like that?

It was a blessing, it was cool, I got to meet a lot of great people. It was just fun the environment was great just hanging out with the people there. I had a great time out there too.

 How was it to have your coach Steve Alford's support?

I was the only one that had their coach sitting that close.  It was great support; it has always been like that here, all my coaches called me after the contest. And it has been a great experience at New Mexico playing for them. It also has been a great time out here with coach.

 Were your dunks pre-planned or was it just what ever came to your head?

It was basically what ever came to my head. If there was pressure put on me I would try to do something nice, if I could have gotten away with doing something regular, I would have done something regular. But it ended I had to pull out most of my tricks. So it was not bad, I had a lot of fun.

Can you talk about what was going through your head after your opponent throw done a 50 point dunk?

I knew I just had to step up and so I just throw out the two ball dunk. But if he did something terrible I was not going to pull that one out. I was just going to do something regular. But he pulled some thing crazy and got a 50 so I knew I had to come up with something crazy.

 Finally is there anything you would like to the Red Menace and your loyal fans that have supported you over the last five years?

I just want to say thank you, thanks for your support and that win was for you guys.

I also want to take a moment to mention something that TRM Staff Member Jimmy H. posted on our message board about the dunk contest. In the midst of all the self-promoting ultra bullcrap that modern athletes do, Tony was the exception. What a humble, old school kid.

 Once again congrats to 2009 ESPN Final Four Dunk Champion Tony Danridge for The Red Menace!

photo credit: Al Goldis AP

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