UNM's Second Spring Scrimmage

We have a new writer today as Mike Sanchez a long time member of TheRedMenace.com gives us his perspective on Saturday's scrimmage! TheRedMenace.com will always be for the fans by the fans!

I had my first look at the indoor facility. What an amazing building I really loved seeing the photos of the Lobo All-Americans on the wall. As big as it looks from the outside it is even bigger on the inside as guys get small on the other side of the field. If you get a chance to ever see a practice or just go in there you should check it out.

Some photos from inside the Lobo Dome!

In all the reports that TRM has given us I really wanted to see the high powered offense that Coach Locks is bringing to UNM. After the last scrimmage report I thought O was going to light it up. Bandito keeps talking about comparing this year's squad to other years and I should have snapped this is still a Lobo football team with defense as the main weapon.

 I don't know all the names and positions but the guys on the defensive line were swarming the quarterbacks. They couldn't hit them as some were wearing black jerseys and Donovan was wearing a blue one but they were in backfield it seemed all the time. The guy that was awesome #88 (Jonathan Rainey) spent more time behind the offensive line then some quarterbacks. And big man Peter Gardner was a bashing ball up the middle.

 Last week there was a podcast where Coach Locks wasn't happy about interceptions. Yesterday according to golobos.com there were 4 interceptions by Frankie Baca, Frankie Solomon, Bubba Forrest, and Trevox Tixier (thanks Fredo)

 Big surprise but the Lobos have a monster linebacker in #55 Trey Hardaway. I saw him lay out a couple of dudes wearing white.

 It wasn't all defense as the offense started getting it going. Donovon Porterie threw okay but #12 (B.R. Holbrook) looks like the better throwing qb and Tate Smith can run and throw. I was disappointed to see Brad Gruner have a bad day since I been hearing good things about him so far.

 The 3 Lobo running backs rotated in and out but I thought #34 (A.J. Butler) had the best day and the small wide receiver #8 (Roland Bruno) was exciting to watch. He catches all kinds of balls.

 There was a field goal blocked. I don't know who blocked it, but I know Bandito mentioned how exciting it is to take away 3 points so I wanted to mention it.

Defensive Player of Practice

#88 (Johnathan Rainey) He was awesome with sacks and tackles

 Offensive Player of Practice

 #34 AJ Butler I just liked the way he moved the ball and he had a touchdown



I want to thank TRM for allowing me to write this today and hope you all like it.

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