Past The Halfway Point

Lobos have play a little pitch and catch on Monday!

All reports from Saturday's scrimmage (thanks Mike S. and Greg A.) point to the fact that the defense opened up a patented can on the Lobo offense so I went to Monday's practice checking out to see adjustments and see if there was a huge difference.

 One of the first things I noticed is that players should no know where they are going, it should start being second nature instead of coaches having to remind them. Here is a "duh" moment, but when that happens the Lobos look like a well-oiled unit… I know, I know cliché police alert…

 The Lobos were in full pads but once again but did not go 100% contact that didn't stop the defensive backfield from getting in the way of passes as Frankie Baca picked off the first 3 int's I saw today (Carmen Messina and Frankie Solomon had the others)

 Like I said the defense was good, but the offense was even better. Donovan Porterie had his best practice this spring in my opinion he was on the money throwing deep, intermediate, and short route on Monday. There was also a BR Holbrook sighting as #12 came to play on Monday… Emmanuel Yeager is out there but it is obvious that his week suspension has set him back in the rotation as Monday I would rank the QB's, however, don't think that there is any choice as of yet as this competition will not end in the spring but will pick up in the fall...


 It wasn't only the QB's that showed up large as earlier this week, it seemed like Terence Brown had started to put a stranglehold on a starting position, now don't get me wrong "T" is an excellent runner and is earning playing time, but James Wright kicked up a special notch on Monday as he was displaying runs off tackle and bouncing outside and just turning on the jets, I also loved James catching out of the backfield. He really is a special back…

Quintell Solomon with an amazing catch!

 Obviously when the QB's are throwing well there has to be a receiver or receivers and Monday the receivers came to play. I was talking to morning paper writer Greg Archuleta and we were talking about some of the players that had stepped up this spring, and we had agreed that Scarlett was a known commodity, but both liked the way that Roland Bruno has stepped up this spring, Monday was no different as #8 scored a couple in red zone situations.

 There was some guys that we were both shocked hadn't started to take off yet and perhaps their ears were burning as I thought both Bryant Williams and Ty Kirk really had impressive days… Especially Williams who was making the tough catches…

 Speaking of tough catches Chris Hernandez made a diving one hand grab that had the entire sideline pumped. 2008 Red Menace Fan Appreciation Award winner DeAndre Wright was on the sideline as he has been most of spring, was jawing it up, turned to me and said, "You get that! That was the play of the day right there!" And indeed it was!


Offensive Player of Practice

#7 Bryant Williams

 Williams was solid the entire day and made a couple of excellent catches in traffic


Defensive Player of Practice

#96 Frankie Solomon

 The guy just lays in wait ready to pounce on any ball in his area.

 505 Pride

#2 Nick Wilhelm (Los Lunas HS, Los Lunas NM)


Nick continue to make impressive plays all spring long and he catches… Well just about every thing! Everyday I see a receiver make a catch it is Nick W.

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