To The Victor Goes...

Spring football is drawing to a close and players are moving up and down the depth chart. Go inside to find out about Victor James!

A position change…

QB, WR, QB, WR, QB WR Victor James has once again made the switch from quarterback to wide receiver. However, don't feel sorry for the guy, as he is happy to do whatever it takes to win and to get on the field.

There is no doubt that there is not a shortage of QB's on this year's football program as Donovan Porterie, Brad Gruner, Tate Smith, BR Holbrook, and Emmanuel Yeager are here and Darren Jones will be coming this fall, so when #16 Victor James started this spring off once again under center I have to admit I was a little surprised.

Still the guy went out and competed hard at the QB position, took his snaps, learned the offense and did what he had to do. One thing can always be said about Victor James is that he is a team player, though he did let me know today that part of his decision was "selfish" as he does want to play.

So the Lobos special teams gunner on again off again quarterback has made the switch, and in today's practice immediately showed dividends catching a sweet TD pass…

 After practice I spoke with Victor about the switch…


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Victor James with the touchdown!

 During Saturday's scrimmage James Wright did get a little dinged up so he was up top by the IPF doing some stretching exercising working out the stiffness and keeping warm while the other running backs had their opportunity. As has been chronicled this spring Terence Brown had started off really hot, but in the past week RS-Fr AJ Butler has been the man toting the ball for the Lobo offense and today with Wright out of practice both Brown and Butler had plenty of opportunity to make plays… Other then a fumble, they played well.

 Lucas Reed has really started to pick up on things. Jonathan Mader was the talk of camp early on and has had an unbelievable camp but Mr. Reed has really started to bring his A-game and where he may have been somewhat invisible at the start of spring, I'm really starting to see him being utilized in the red zone area. I also notice that fullbacks Josh Fussell and Chris Biren are also getting looks in the end zone. For Lobo fans that have felt the TE and FB positions have been underutilized in the past… Well you might keep an eye on these players.

Okay QB position… I could be all wrong here, and I'm sure Coach Locks will point it out to me if I am, but I'm confident in saying barring any kind of disaster in the next 3 practices that Donovan Porterie will retain the starting nod coming out of spring. I was really impressed with his ability to throw the ball especially deep, and he has enough wheels to get him out of trouble. Not sure he is as agile as Emmanuel Yeager who once again displayed that he is flat out sick when he gets his body moving, not sure he runs as well as Brad Gruner who we all know handles the run well, nor does DP show the scrambling ability that Tate Smith has. I also don't believe he has as tight a spiral or as pure a thrower as BR Holbrook, but he has enough of all of that in my opinion that he will be atop the depth chart come fall.

 Today I would rate the QB's


 On defense how about our safeties? Frankie Solomon once again showed that he is a player intercepting one for a sixer. Bubba Forrest has really come on strong this spring as he is working towards more playing time, and how about Mica Williams. Today the dude made a sweet smack at the goal line…

#53 Kendall Briscoe

 I'm really digging the play of Kendall Briscoe these days. He said early in spring that the move to the 4-3 was going to be good for him and indeed it has been as Peter Gardner has received most of the publicity, but once again in my opinion #53 has been a huge benefit of the defensive change!

#7 Bryant Williams

#5 Daryl Jones Jr.

 After practice Coach Locksley did say that the players are starting to be a little sluggish and also that they are a little chippy as they are tired of being on one another… Oh the joys of practice right?

Offensive Player of Practice

 #16 WR/QB Victor James

 Touchdown Victor James in a selfless/selfish move has once again made the transition to WR and didn't disappoint as he caught a nice touchdown at the corner of the end zone. After practice he worked with the rest of the receivers and the JUGGS machine, asking, "what time is it?" I have to go turn my homework in on time! Ahh the life of a student athlete

Defensive Player of Practice

#37 Safety Mica Williams
The one smack by Mr. Williams sealed the deal as he snuffs out the wide receiver! Hey I know they weren't full contact, but a safety has to do what a safety has to do!

505/575 Pride

 #28 Safety Bubba Forrest
When I first met Bubba and spoke with him, I kind of knew he was a special type of player and this spring I've really started to see Bubba take off as he moves up the depth chart.

Saturday's Scrimmage Wrap Up. Sorry about the delay on this but with Easter Weekend, things were quite busy!


Wes Henderson wraps it up

Don't forget Cherry Silver game Tailgate Party! Wes Henderson is heading this bad boy up for Saturday. Go to the message board for all the information!

Also, we want you all to start thinking about YAFL ticket donations! It is important that we sell some tickets and get these kids out to games. They could be the next Erik Cook, Jonathan Mader, Bubba Forrest… Don't let our Lobo youth down!

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