2009 Cherry Silver Game

The 2009 Cherry Silver Spring Game is in the books and things look like a success for Coach Locks. Go inside for photos and some audio interviews!

So the 2009 Spring Football session is in the books! Coach Mike Locksley has come to the University of New Mexico and has made some huge changes. The first change was what a beautiful April New Mexico afternoon! This is the 9th year we have attended spring ball and I must say this one had to be one of the best weather of all time.

The highly anticipated Lobo offense didn't come out exactly setting the world on fire as the Cherry defense led by DT Ahraya Crespin, DE Seth Johannemann, and LB Joe Stoner came to play! Crespin set the tone early, as he owned the interior of the trenches with a pair of tackles and a sack! Crespin, who is making the transition to the tackle position, shows excellent promise. When Crespin wasn't doing damage from the tackle position Johannemann was coming in from the end position making his presence felt as well!

Tate escapes!

Don't think this was your typical Cherry Silver defense dominated games as the Lobo offenses started getting things going on the legs of James Wright. Who spent the last week a little banged up with an nagging ankle injury stepped up and went around the end for a touchdown, unfortunately, the extra point was missed as it hit the crooked uprights!

For the Cherry side things didn't really get moving until Senior QB Donovan Porterie stepped in behind center and quickly led the Cherry team on a 13 play drive on the legs of AJ Butler yards and solid passing. A lot has been made about the quarterbacks this fall as the Lobos have had 6 QB's up until this week when Victor James made the move to WR and today the Lobo public was able to see all the QB's on display. When it was time to play… DP showed up and in my opinion put the stranglehold on the starting job today as his first TD pass went to Michael Scarlett.

Brad Gruner gets drilled!

Did I mention that this was DP's first TD pass? As he finished the afternoon with 3 TD tosses as he also hit senior 2009 Red Menace Spring Offensive MVP Roland Bruno for another touchdown as Roland danced on the sideline, stretched out, and somersaulted in for the 6! Porterie completed his touchdown trifecta when he hooked up with RS-FR Tight End Lucas Reed!

DP to Bruno

UNM also has some other QB's that can toss the rock and for my money the best pure thrower is BR Holbrook. The guy has a sweet touch on the ball, and has a nice tight spiral. BR showed today that he can get in the end zone using his feet and he took off on an option keep and was upended as he scored a TD!

All kinds of QB's! How about Tate Smith who was also impressive today in his scrambling ability. He always tries to find that open receiver… He is always looking, and today he found Quintell Solomon for a touchdown pass! He followed that up with a nice shot to slot WR Bryant Williams for a 2-point conversion.

Speaking of those slot guys. Have they not had the biggest impact this spring? Bruno and Williams have been spectacular coming out of the slot, as has Mr. 505 Nick Wilhelm who might just have owned that category all spring long. Big props goes out to the guys in the slot who have made some excellent plays this year.

Brad Gruner had a slow start and just as he started to get things rolling he took a shot that scrambled the gray matter as he held onto an option play.

Emmanuel Yeager came out and displayed that while he is a raw talent, he is definitely a talented player and with more hard work with Coach Martin and the other QB's don't write this guy off as his running is fluid…

AJ Butler

The running back situation was thin to start with today as Terence Brown was on crutches with a knee injury so that left AJ Butler and James Wright carrying the pigskin. Midway through the 2nd quarter Wright left the game as it looked like he re aggravated the ankle injury (he later came back to play) leaving the Lobos with one RB in AJ Butler who made the most of his time out there 19 carries 116.

On the defensive side of the ball I thought the defensive ends and linebackers were masterful today. I thought Jaymar Latchison had a great spring game and has had a solid spring this year. Johnathan Rainey on the other end of the line also showed that he is ready to step up and play big this year. Remember TRM projected started DeAndre Davis has been out most of spring with an arm injury. The move by Johannemann has been excellent for him, as he has displayed big play ability from the end as well.

Big Seth!

 On the linebacker side… Carmen Messina and Trey Hardaway have are really solidifying that LB crew with guys like Joe Stoner and Spencer Merritt coming along quite nicely.

 Safety wise I think Frankie Solomon was consistent all spring long… Consistently good that is! The two players that were the biggest movers and shakers at the safety position as of late are Frankie Baca and Bubba Forrest! Both are making plays with Forrest really settling in as a top Lobo safety!

 How about Drew Zamora knocking in the game winning field goal? I hate to say it but you always remember the misses as James Aho missed a couple of field goals today in a very uncharacteristic way. However, did anyone else other then us nuts in the Red Menace Zone noticed that field goal post was crooked?

Click here as Coach Dickey talks about Lobo football

 Anyway, the 2009 Spring Football session came to a close and I would have to say Coach Mike Locksley has done nothing but impress as he and his staff have really molded their units into something worth going to watch this season. I hope you all join us in The Red Menace Zone and if not at least consider donating money so we can get our local YAFL kids out to a ball game every week! Last year we were able to invite 3 full teams. I'm hoping for more this year. Please think about donating and getting fans to the games!

Offensive Player of Practice

#15 Donovan Porterie

You are kidding if you think anyone else won this award today. DP was solid in all categories except for one ill-advised pass that was picked off. However, when you throw for 125 yards and 3 TD's you deserve being named player of practice.

Click here to listen to interview with DP

 Defensive Player of Practice

#94 Ahraya Crespin

Ahraya goes full speed every play and the move to DT has benefited him, he is getting ready to add more weight and just get better at his position. How scary is that for the opposition after watching Ahraya today?

Click here to listen to interview with Ahraya

 505 Pride

#26 Frankie Baca (La Cueva HS, Albuquerque)

Frankie had the lone interception of the day plus 5 tackles. Not a bad day for the senior who just keeps making a nuisance of himself to all opposing offenses…

 So this closes out spring practice and like Donovan Porterie said in our interview.
Now comes the hard work for these guys!

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