Eye On You!

The 9th Annual Red Menace "Eye On You" Awards are handed out to players at every position group for the spring!

The Eye… The Red Menace Eye on YOU has been out and about all spring long taking a look at the players that were the most visible by position group… Now remember these guys aren't necessarily starters, they may not even play, but these were the young men that seemed to always catch "The Eye" of The Red Menace during the entire spring practice session.


 Donovan Porterie


DP started the spring very rough. He looked rusty and unconfident in his abilities. It showed on the field. However, Donovan is a senior, one that has fought through adversity before, and that is exactly what he did this spring as DP came alive and had the Eye of The Red Menace upon him.


Running Back
Terence Brown


The talk coming out of last season and into this spring was James Wright taking over this team. Well the former DB made a statement all spring long until he was injured late during the spring session. While he was playing though he was earning himself playing time.


Wide Receiver
Roland Bruno
Nick Wilhelm


This was a tough one to make as the wideouts had excellent springs. Still every time I saw a pass floating for a touchdown it seemed to be Roland Bruno, and as far as possession. I think I saw Nick drop maybe 3 passes the entire spring.


Offensive Line

Joshua Taufalele

How can you not love Josh and the hair? Check out the scars in that helmet! He is the perfect Red Menace guy. Oh don't forget he will also knock a defender on his backside at any given moment!

Erik Cook

 Erik is a super OL that can play every position on the OL and do it well.


Defensive End

Jonathan Rainey


When DeAndre Davis was injured Rainey stepped up in a huge way and may have just earned himself a starting job. This is going to be one of the most competitive positions this next year.


Defensive Tackle
Ahraya Crespin


Crespin moved from end to tackle and really hasn't missed a beat. In fact as an undersized tackle he has excelled. From Day 1 you could tell his motor goes full speed, and he solidified things during the Cherry Silver game.



 Carmen Messina
Trey Hardaway


I just couldn't pick between the two of these young men and both had unbelievable spring session and the Linebacker positions are loaded. I love the intensity of both men.



Anthony Hooks

Mr. Hooks wasn't perfect all spring but the sophomore was challenged on a regular basis and gave as got as he got. I'm looking for big things from Anthony this fall.


Frankie Solomon

Bubba Forrest


This was another tough spot to choose as Frankie Baca and Mica Williams also did some excellent things out there, but in the end Solomon is a well polished senior that looks solid and Bubba Forrest midway through spring really started to come into his own.


Like I said to start "The Eye" these guys might not start, they may not play, but these are the players at their position group that caught "The Eye."

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