Eye on Recruiting Myles Daughtry

UNM has found a WR with serious speed by the name of Myles Daughtry. Go inside to see speed and excitement!

I don't want to use the cliché diamond in the rough, especially when you talk to a cerebral young man like Clarksburg HS, Clarksburg MD WR Myles Daughtry, as cliché just doesn't do the young man justice. I spoke with Myles this afternoon after learning that he had visited the 505 earlier this week and had committed to play for the University of New Mexico.

 "I sent Coach Locks my recruiting film and he turned it over to Coach J.B (Gerald) and he watched it, they gave me a call, we worked out some things, and I found myself flying out to New Mexico," said Daughtry.

 For the record Myles Daughtry is a 5-9 175lb WR and track star that has consistently been clocked in the 4.3 to 4.4 ranges. Last season Daughtry caught 29 passes for 750 yards and 10 touchdowns.

 I asked Myles what made him a good receiver and now a D-I football player as he Daughtry told me he has given his verbal commitment to UNM and will be filling out his LOI this upcoming week. "I'm pretty fast," said Daughtry. "My speed is what I'm all about. I'll do whatever the coaches ask me to do, but my lateral quickness, moving side to side, and I like making big plays and want to make big plays for New Mexico!"

 Don't' believe me check out some of these videos that I have found of Myles on the gridiron.

Video of Myles Daughtry


Myles told me that he was being recruited by Maryland, Connecticut, Towson, Maine, and a host of D-IAA schools, but he sent his tape to Coach Locksley, was asked to visit…

 "It was a great process, the coaches are really cool," says Daughtry. "It was the best trip I've ever been on. They answered all my questions and really took care of me, I was really impressed with the whole trip and decided it was the place for me."

 Whenever a young man chooses to come west from the DC area the first thing I ask, is why New Mexico?

 "You never what is out there until you check it out, I was hearing from those other schools, but recruiting is a game, a business and I kind of got started late on my recruiting, but when I did New Mexico really showed a lot of interest. They asked me to visit I went out there and was really impressed with the coaches, the facilities, and the town. Some people think it is far, but it is just a plane ride from home."

 With Myles signing late and his saying he got started late on his recruiting, I was curious why the delay.

"I don't want to talk anyone down, or bad mouth them, but many people questioned my ability to play D-I football, and some of my HS coaches didn't feel my skills were at that level," said Myles.

I followed up and asked him does that put a chip on your shoulder? And I have to admit his answer blew me away, because usually when you talk to a young man whose abilities has been questioned they are really arrogant or want to scream into the face of the doubters, not so much with Myles as he said…

 "You have to live your life through your own eyes, you have to live your life doing what you feel you want to do and do what you can imagine you can do. There are two things that people can't be taken away from you, your freedom and your mind. People can't take me where they want but I can take myself where I want. I've always had the dream of playing division I football, big time football and I knew I had the talent, so no matter who told me I couldn't do this or that, I took it with a grain of salt. Regardless of what they said, I took every positive or negative comment made and used that energy to make me as dominant as I could be and use it to take me to the next level."

 TheRedMenace.com would like to thank and welcome Myles Daughtry to the University of New Mexico and into The Red Menace family!

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