2009 Elite Camp Day I

NCAA says no pictures, so I will do my best to describe the talent that was in "The Dav" tonight!

So I went to check out the University of New Mexico Lobos Elite Camp tonight with camera in hand, recorder in tow, and cell phone ready for some updates… A funny thing happened on the way to the Davalos Dome aka "The Dav" Per NCAA rules no videos, still shots, or interviews with perspective athletes is allowed on UNM property.

 Not a problem, I was still able to catch some pretty exciting hoops action as "The Dav" was split into two courts and some unbelievable talent I was able to "Witness" (sorry Lebron I stole your catch phrase!) Anyway, I'm not going to try and pretend that I'm some sort of basketball analyst that break it all down for you, just like in football I will give some of my observations for one and all…

 First current Lobo players

 Roman Martinez- Holy smoke Roman was on fire tonight stroking it from beyond the line. Seriously the guy couldn't nor would he miss. You all know I'm not a huge fan of the 3pt shot but Roman made it look effortless tonight.

Jamal Fenton- Oh baby, does this young man have freaking wheels! He is a magician on the court and his size he gets lost on the break quickly which just gives him the opportunity to find any open man.

Matt Staff- I was very impressed with his abilities mid range to under the hoop.

Phillip McDonald- Looks quicker and confident tonight. Still has that nice "J" and can penetrate to the hoop. As he polishes his game, he will continue to star.

Will Brown- Oh yeah, Will can take it to the rack! Those tennis rackets he calls hands are awesome when throws up the hand… Yeah he can block, or finish a break no problem…

Nate Garth- I'm really like Garth's game. He isn't as quick as Fenton, but he is a smart point guard that seems to look for his shot as much as he does for the assist.

AJ Hardeman- AJ's game is improving big time. Now granted this is pick up hoops, and the level isn't the same, but man AJ sure seems to have grown in leaps and bounds.

Chad Adams- I liked Chad doing the little things. He finds his open spot, goes to the hole, fights for boards

Dairese Gary- Still a bulldog. I love the way he plays guard like a linebacker!

 Okay I know you all want to hear about Isaiah Rusher!

 irst, I don't want to be one of those, "Isaiah is the greatest player since insert name here."

 But jeez was Rusher impressive. Do not, I repeat do not come in with any kind of weak stuff because Rusher will gather it up and spit it out! The guy is a monster down low on the offensive side, but it was the defense that was just freaking SICK tonight! Literally the guy looked like a hungry shark that hasn't had any chum thrown his way for a couple of years.

 Okay recruits, recruits, recruits…

 6'11" Alex Kirk (Los Alamos NM)
I expected Alex to be the biggest man out there, obviously with the 7 footers coming in from Indiana Elite he wasn't, but having to battle with other 7 footers got the red head fired up. Especially when it started to get physical. Obviously playing with Houston Hoops and playing in the larger tournaments has done a lot for Alex's confidence as he more then held his own and at times showed he has a mean streak.

 Lavonte Dority- Reminds me a lot of Dairese Gary… Just a little smaller. Dority doesn't avoid contact… Shoot he looks for it! He doesn't mind getting physical for one minute. Definitely, a player to keep your eye on.

Mardracus Wade- Wade showed up a little later then the rest of the campers but still shows that he has serious skills, I was really impressed watching him move the ball around.

Kory Alford (La Cueva, Albuquerque, NM) Continues to improve his game, and is a solid shooter from behind the arc.

David Nyarsuk- 7-1 Sudanese center Nyarsuk was one of the Indiana Elite players that made the trip down to the 505 and didn't disappoint. I see him listed as 7-1 everywhere, but it looks like he may have grown. He isn't thick but plays large, and battles. Nyarsuk and Alex Kirk battled hard today and this little battle should be watched the rest of this weekend.

Emery Coleman (Tularosa NM) A definite hidden gem here, Coleman has a nice shot, and can take it to the hole. If Coleman was living in Albuquerque or another big city he would be looked at as a solid prospect. Look for Coleman to make a name for himself during the summer AAU season with Granger Hurricane.

Cheir Ajou 7-0 Sudanese center Indiana Elite- Ajou is a 2011 recruit and in my opinion had the best night of the younger players. Keep an eye on him as he is a solid finisher, has post moves, and plays good defense.

Ronnie Daniels (La Cueva, Albuquerque, NM) Ronnie's biggest decision is will he play football, basketball, or both? What a talented athlete! Ronnie is big enough to take the rock down low, and has no fear of contact.

Obij Aget- 7-0 center- Another Indiana Elite post player that is tall and is a quality post player. He is a 2012 recruit so the chances to still grow and get better are there. Aget like the other big men coming from Indiana Elite are extremely athletic and the sky is the limit.

Bryce Alford- A sweet deep 3 ball that, Granger Hurricane Pres. Marty Saiz says, "He can make that all night long."

Austin Etherington- Indiana Elite Those young men from the Indiana Elite camp can flat out ball! Etherington just seems to do everything right on the ball court. It wasn't that he did one thing that caught my eye as much as he just did everything to command notice.

Kody Salcido Sandia Prep- Salcido had to battle some pretty large young men today and he didn't back down for one minute.

These are just initial thoughts on this year's Elite Camp. Tomorrow morning Wes and I will be out bright and early to get more information and thoughts on the current and potential Lobo players.

 Some other news:

We noticed that Wyking Jones was in attendance for tonight's Elite Camp. TheRedMenace.com has learned that Jones is in town "interviewing" for the assistant coach job recently vacated by Chris Walker, so no audio interviews at this time. Also missing was Cullen Neal who is with his high school basketball team in Colorado.

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