New Mexico Elite Camp 1.3

There are 3 sessions of today's Elite Camp. This is the first 3.

I spent the early part of this morning once again at "The Dav" observing the 2009 Lobo Elite Camp. Of course last night we talked about some of the players that caught my eye, and since we can't do pictures, I thought I would do the exact same thing again.

How old is this picture of Scott Stiegler?

I was joined by KKOB talk show radio host Scott Stiegler today as we were taking a look at today's campers. So some of the words listed here might be his not just mine, but hey even a radio guy sometimes comes up with good lines!

Isaiah Rusher once again showed that he is a force to be reckoned with. Today he not only showed his physical ability as he and Los Alamos C Alex Kirk battled this morning. That was one of the epic battles no doubt of the morning no doubt. The play of Rusher's day so far was him skying high for a rebound and ripping it from both men and while he took one step just did a behind the back bounce pass to the cutter to the hoop for the easy deuce!

 It was funny because Stigs and I were talking about how Isaiah was going to need time to learn the college game, etc. etc. etc. and Stigs said after this trip down the court, "well there is something to be said about natural ability as well."

 Austin Etherington Indiana Elite- Austin came to play today, his outside shot was on today and all he needed was one step and he would bury one from behind the arc and he has no problem getting physical as he would drive to the hoop. His best play was a drive to the hoop where one of the big men stepped in front as they collided Etherington made a wrap around pass to the cutting big man for the…FLUSH! On defense Etherington got away with a mugging as he and Lobo PG Jamal Fenton went for a loose ball, Austin put his shoulder into Fenton knocking him off his feet and secured the ball.

 Alex Kirk Los Alamos- Like I said he and Isaiah Rusher had some serious battles down low. Kirk gave as good as he got… Rusher would body up the Hilltopper and Kirk would step back with his shot and knock them down. Both played solid defense, but they also have some offensive game as well!

 Nate Garth- Nate was animated today and his game took off, hitting open offensive players, while getting into everyone's grill on defense. He did pick up a little bit of a "frustration foul" but settled down and had a nice session this morning.

Mardracus Wade- Stiegler and I were watching Wade play today as he has just grown so much this last year. His body is that of a man now and his game has really elevated. He has a good shot and really controls the flow of the game well today.

Obij Aget- The 7 footer showed some serious inside game today making himself available to any guard that would hit him with a pass, also mopping up missed shots as well. Impressive day for Mr. Aget.

 The best play of the game was watching the 7'2" David Nyarsuk go coast to coast. Unfortunately he got called for traveling but holy smoke when you are 7 foot plus one stride equals a ton of space!

 We want to thank ‘s Jimmy Hicks for accompanying us to Coaches for a green chile cheeseburger today! For those of you back in the Houston area that didn't think he could do it, Jimmy ate the entire burger and he was proud of it as well! We need to find him an I ate green chile and survived T-shirt! Seriously, though Jimmy is a great guy and wealth of basketball knowledge. My hoops IQ grew just hanging around the guy!

Stay tuned to later tonight as Wes Henderson will be providing us with some mid afternoon and late night insights plus he is working on some interviews for later tonight!

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