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Wes Henderson takes his shot at reporting from "The Dav" and parts unknown. Listen to TRM's exclusive interview with Indiana Elite coaches!

I was really happy to finally get out to the Davalos center aka The "Dav Dome" today. I missed the entire first session as I got stuck behind a bus that caught on fire on the freeway. No injuries that I could see, but after finally making it out to "The Dav" I was ready for some hoops action!

Big problem the first session was over and covered by Lee Roy earlier this afternoon. I was lucky to meet Mr. Jimmy Hicks of RCSsports and The Basketball Show there from Houston. We invited Jimmy to lunch with us at Coaches where he tore me up with 80's Rock and Roll name that tune! Bandito put a post up to help me learn some bands so that the next time I chill with Jimmy I'll be all over him! I did admit I listen to country music (don't tell anyone as they will throw me out of the cool kids club.)

Anyway, you all don't want to read that, let's talk about the afternoon session of the Lobo Elite Camp. It was my first opportunity to watch incoming freshmen, potential recruits, and current Lobo hoops players and I must say I was not disappointed at all.

The coaches have two scrimmages running side by side so with 24 men running up and down the court (2 referees) and trying to watch everything you start missing everything, so I really tried to spend my time watching a few of the younger players and few of them really stuck out to me.

Bryce Alford- He is truly an Alford, as like his older brother he can shot, drive and dish. He is very young and as he continues to develop will do nothing but become a better player. What can you say, it is in the genes.

 P.J.  Horgan (6'7) – His ability to get down low and post up strong showed. He needs to work on his footwork but has time to develop that over time at Cleveland HS in Rio Rancho. Horgan hit the occasional 15-foot jumper. But did miss a few easy shot this afternoon.  

Austin Etherington Indiana Elite continues to shine during every session. I'm not sure if there is an "MVP" of the Elite Camp, but if there is I think Etherington is one of those players that must be given strong consideration.

 As far as the current Lobos this afternoon:


Just like on Friday night Roman could not miss, he was firing on cylinders and just doing his thing, you know the things that do not show up on box score but endears him to Lobo fans and makes a coach's job easy!

It was nice to see new Lobo Chad Adams today as he really had the dribble drive, stop and pop working for him this afternoon. I look forward to watching Chad develop!

Phillip McDonald was putting the ball up whenever he was given an inch and everything he put up found its way into the hoop. It was nice to see that all the work that "P-Mac" has been putting in at the gym showed.


After today's 2nd session I caught up with the Indiana Elite Coaches Drew Adams and Bil Duany and we talked about the 4 young men that came down from Indiana for this year's Elite Camp!

After throwing down some food I made it out for the 3rd and final session of today/tonight's Elite Camp, and rather then try to write everything out, I'm just going to put the rest on Podcast! I dedicated the musical selections to Jimmy Hicks!

Click here for Wes' audio breakdown of Lobo Elite Camp


Stay tuned to as I will be out to tomorrow's Lobo Elite Camp Finale!
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