Building Relationships Staff was in full effect today checking out Lobo Camp. Go inside for exclusive audio interviews with Reggie Ellis and Coach Pep Hamilton of the Chicago Bears.

The one thing I have noticed about Coach Locksley since day one is he is all about building relationships, making connections. I told you all when Locks was hired that it would be interesting seeing how he ran this program and today was no exception as today started was the first day of the 2009 Lobo Football Camp where high school athletes could come to UNM and be "coached up" by Coach Locksley and his staff.

 I talked to Coach Locksley briefly about the camp and he said if it were up to him he would have fifty plus teams and they would be renting out facilities in Bernalillo to conduct 7 on 7 camps and "In The Trenches" (O-line, D-line camp). "We really want to coach these kids up," said Locksley. "We have a really good staff that can teach these young men techniques that they can take back to their high schools next year."

 And that is exactly what Coach Locksley told all of the students attending the camp as he introduced his staff to all the young men out for camp. I truly find myself impressed with this staff as Coach Locksley rattles off NFL experience, National Championships as coaches and players… Let's just say it is really impressive the staff that Coach Locks has put together.

 The more I get to learn about Coach Locksley and the way he operates the more I am impressed by the way he conducts himself, the way fellow coaches, former players, current players, recruits, HS coaches, and just fans talk about the guy. Coach Locksley like I said in my opening statement is all about building relationships, and today's camp was no exception.

 The first person I was able to visit with was a long time friend of Coach Locksley's… current Chicago Bears QB Coach Pep Hamilton. Later in the afternoon Coach Locks told me that he was happy to have Hamilton come for a visit, as he was able to talk to the Lobo quarterbacks and impart his knowledge on them. Coach Locks said, "Have you noticed former CSU Caleb Haney is the backup QB from the Bears," asked Locksley? " Donovan Porterie is as good a QB as Haney if not better." I asked Coach is it all about connections? "Exactly," replied Locksley.

 Here is an interview I conducted with Coach Hamilton

Listening to the interview once again, I just get excited to see Locksley's offense at work. Seriously, here is an NFL coach calling Locksley an "offensive guru". That is strong praise in my opinion and one that just gets my football motor revved up and ready to go!


Speaking of relationships and building relationships, we told you all about DL Reggie Ellis transferring to the University of New Mexico a couple of weeks ago, and today who was out running with his fellow Lobos? None other then Reggie wearing his Lobo gear, putting in work, and adjusting to the altitude as he has officially transferred to UNM!

Click here to listen to Reggie

If you listen closely to what Ellis had to say the name that came to the forefront… Coach Mike Locksley and the way he treats players, the way he treats people he recruits, recruited, signed, or is about to sign.

At today's camp Coach Locksley and his staff were building relationships with those that attended as well as the coaches that brought their teams down. A couple of months ago in a conversation I had with Coach Locksley he said, "even if they don't have a D-I kid on their team, we want to build a relationship with the local coaches." My mind immediately went to the…  is this "coachspeak" card? Well watching Locks and his staff interact with coaches and players at the camp I can tell you it isn't coachspeak. The Lobo staff practices what the head coach is saying!

If you missed this year's camp for whatever reason, or if you are a coach here in the region please take note of what Coach Locks told me, "Rocky (Long) did such a great job of recruiting local players and turning them into great D-I players by their 3rd or 4th year… I say why not get these kids to our camps in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade and we will get them started in that direction at an earlier age."

The Red Menace wants to congratulate the Rio Rancho Rams who won the 7 on 7 tournament today.

FYI- will be writing some stories, and publishing some interviews we had with many of the young men that were at today's camp from New Mexico and Arizona so stay tuned to TRM for the latest on Lobo football news and recruiting!

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