Eye On Recruiting: Adam Shapiro

Come to camp, play hard, improve your stock or "recruitability" Is that even a word? Well for Adam Shapiro we will make it one.

Young men come to these camps all across the country to work out in front of coaches, to be noticed. In a small state like New Mexico camps like this week's Lobo camp take on added importance Anyone that is a long time reader of this website knows that I don't pretend to be some sort of evaluator of talent as I don't want to be one of those guys that lies to young men or women that they are all D-I talent. In face when asked I never give any parents, players, or friends any kind of false hope.

Facts are that the state of New Mexico does not pump out hundreds of players every year. Truth be told if the state has 5 D-I athletes signing that would be a banner year. So with that I must say that through the hours and days that Wes and I have spent at Lobo Football camp this weekend I am going to say the player that I noticed the most and the player that kept me watching and entertained was Rio Rancho's Adam Shapiro

 Young men go to football camps to be noticed. To show off their talents and abilities in hopes of being recruited. While there is no doubt Shapiro is doing the same thing, when Wes interviewed the young man from the City of Vision Shapiro's answers were all about his Rio Rancho Rams and trying to get better so that they could win a championship.

 The first thing I notice about Shapiro is that he his highly "coachable," the coaches running the drills would show Adam how to do things their way and Adam would follow their lead.

 The second thing I noticed was that he has some wheels on him. Shapiro said his 40 time at Rio Rancho was 4.51, however, it seems like he had a nice little burst of speed, ran quick routes, and had really solid field awareness.

 This year's camps have been great for Shapiro as he helped lead the Rams to win the 7 on 7 tournament and Tuesday's practice which was dedicated to 1 on 1 play Mr. Shapiro was a superstar running solid routes, and making solid catches.

We asked Adam what other camps he is attending and he said, "I'm probably going down to Las Cruces, and we will see if any others." So the next question has to be have you been in contact with any schools about your attending? "No not really," replied Shapiro.

As just an observer, I have a feeling that will change as in my opinion Shapiro has improved his stock greatly and has been one of the fastest risers and without a doubt one of the most noticeable players during this year's Lobo Camp.

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