Red Menace Radio: Ross Romero on Cobbins

Eyewitness account of Michael Cobbin's time in Virginia and the NBA Camp from his AAU coach Ross Romero

The name Michael Cobbins gets Lobo fans hearts racing quite a bit and no doubt it should as he has been one of UNM's top 2010 recruits for seemingly forever now. The Amarillo Texas native is starting to get noticed by other schools as well, and look for that trend to continue as this weekend Michael Cobbins was the NBA Players Association Top 100 Camp.

Cobbins with a slam

Rather then depend on short reports across the internet, I decided to shoot NM Force President and Coach Ross Romero a phone call to get the word from him as Ross was in Virginia and was able to attend many of Michael's games.

 Rather then try to write everything down here is another Red Menace Exclusive interview.


Click to listen to Ross Romero

 The idea of Cobbins donning the cherry and silver should get every Lobo fan's heart pumping like I said. If the reports I've been receiving are true, I'm going to agree with Ross and say that Cobbins is easily a Top 50 player if not higher.

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