What Happens In Johnson Gym...

Doesn't always stay in Johnson Gym... Go inside to get Wes' exclusive look at the 2009-10 Lobo men's basketball team!

I was a lucky Red Menace fan today! I work at Johnson Gym on the Campus of the University of New Mexico.  While working around the gym today in walks the Lobo basketball team for a pick up game and I was able to watch most of it I was able to take some notes on all the players that played, so I get to share my luck with you!

Johnson Gym

Roman Martinez- While it was not his day shooting, "RO", as his teammates call him started coming alive. Not just as a shooter, but "Ro" is a floor general. He is very vocal to his teammates and works with them on how to improve their game. Ro gives Coach Alford another assistant coach… just this one is on the floor.

Dairese Gray-The Bulldog. Some fans seemed to think Gary may have lost his touch at the end of last season, not saying I agree with them, however, if he ever lost that shooting touch he sure found it today! Gary has a presence on the court, it seems the players respect him as their point guard.

Nate Garth- Solid point guard play today, he does not do stupid things, has found a decent shot, and his passes and court vision was unreal.

Phil McDonald- "P-Mac" has so much more confidence then last year, and it shows! Today he can shot and slashed to the basket so crisply, that "P-Mac" should be drooling in anticipation for the play of #23 this upcoming season.

AJ Hardman- Looks bigger stronger, AJ is looking for the ball a lot more on the block and it is obvious he has been working on his post up moves, as he just looks more fluid with his back to the basket.

Will Brown- Fade away from the baseline from about 15 feet is got to be his favorite shot and rightfully so. Brown is as smooth as butter on that shot.

Curtis Dennis- Shooter!!! Shooter!!!! And a slasher to the hoop with ease. Curtis is just a solid all around player. I see him as an early favorite for being the Lobo 6th man as he is instant offense.

Matt Staff- Shot was off today, but did some things around the hoop that I have not seen out of him so there are some things to improve on but the foundation is there to be a good player.

Jamaal Fenton- As good as he is, I see him red shirting, not due to his abilities but do to the fact that we are so good at PG tight now. I will leave you with this he is FAST, smart and very heady.

Chad Adams- when his head is in the game, he very athletic and a gifted basketball player. But he is a freshman and as a frosh he took some dumb shots today. I look for the coaching staff to work with him as well as his teammates and of course, there is no substitute for experience. Look for Adams to develop into an excellent player.

Isaiah Rusher- I was able to sit and talk to Rusher for a little bit today what great spirits he is in. Rusher did not participate in today's pick up games due to his wrist surgery, but he expects to start running with his teammates on or around July 1st. Isaiah told me he sees this program as a family. Isaiah also said, "(he) does not want to come in and disappoint the fans." The one thing that really stuck out to me is that he is vocal and doing what he can, even off the court to help his teammates. Isaiah was "coaching" the team from the sidelines trying to help all the Lobos to better their game. I truly believe that Rusher will be one heck of a Lobo, dare I a say a Lobo great? This is just the beginning of his career at UNM, but with the foundation set, the willingness to get better, and maturity to stick with his goal to be a collegiate ball player even though it seemed the cards were stacked against him, To quote Kanye West… That that that that… that don't kill me will only make Rusher stronger!

I hope you all got a little glimpse of what is going on with the hoops team, as I was pumped to see them out on the floor, and stay tuned to TheRedMenace.com as any time I get the chance to catch some pick up hoops, I will hook you all up with what I see!

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