Eye on Recruiting: Gary Maestas

Eldorado RB/Safety Gary Maestas is hitting the camp circuit to get noticed. This week Maestas was noticed!

The first thing I noticed in watching Eldorado High School's Gary Maestas on the 7 on 7 fields last week is that the guy is his intensity. The guy moves well without the ball, and just puts himself in good position to make plays.


After watching and speaking to the 5-9 175 RB/Safety it was obvious that Maestas is all about making plays.


During one of the 7 on 7 games Maestas who plays both sides of the field (RB/Safety) was on the sideline getting some air and water, when his replacement was toasted for a touchdown. Immediately one of the Eldorado coaches told Maestas, "We need you out there. If you were out there, that play would not have been made." So on trots Maestas and all of sudden that side of the field was closed down.
No passes here thank you!

Maestas Closes the Door!


Offensively Maestas plays running back for the Eagles in a spread offense. According to Gary one of his best strengths at running back is his ability to catch the ball coming out of the backfield as Eldorado spreads it around. Now the running back position doesn't always come across in 7 on 7 but last weekend Maestas showed that he can and will get open when called upon. He also possess a nice set of hands that allows him to be a solid safety and excellent receiver.


Some guys are just football players, they may not be the fastest, the most gifted, but they have that special intangible and work ethic that makes them a cut above the rest. I believe Gary Maestas is one of those types of players.


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