Eye On Recruiting: Tarik Spencer

TheRedMenace.com will be bringing you the most up to the date Lobo recruiting efforts as we can. Today we start with Tyler TX WR/Safety

So I was able to sneak a peak at John Tyler HS (Tyler TX) WR/Safety Tarik Spencer today as he worked out today. All I can say for sure is this guy is one heck of an athlete. Spencer is a 6'2" 166 athletic WR/Safety that said, "I'm not sure of my exact 40 time, but I believe it is somewhere around 4.5…"

I asked him why he came out to New Mexico, "I was invited," said Tarik. "I'm glad I came out as I really like it here!" According to Tarik it wasn't all good at first, "The elevation here made me tired right away," said Tarik. I did tell him I watched him run his drills and he didn't seem tired at all. "I was," he smiled. "But I can always get ready for the next play." Or in this case test? "Yes sir."

 The first test I watched Tarik participate in was the Vertical jump. Can you say sick? The guy can flat out jump…

 Next were the 40 times and I couldn't even hesitate a guess, but he has some sick wheels.

Some cones were set up and Tarik just displayed a natural ability in all three tests. Tarik said, "We do the same sort of things at Tyler, so it isn't as much I picked up any new things at the camp. I was able to display my abilities to the coaches."

I asked Tarik what he thought his top abilities were and he said, "My vertical, quickness, and my hands," After watching him not only run the timed and measured drills, I would say Tarik knows himself very well.

I did spot Tarik taking passes from some coaches, and no offense to the coaching staff but not all of the passes were what I would call things of beauty. Still Tarik was able to display his ability to jump for a ball, make route adjustments while the ball was in the air, and most importantly, he kept his feet and made the "QB's" look really good while doing it.

At this point Tarik Spencer is being recruited by the University of New Mexico and Tulsa and holds no offers, but workouts like todays should change that around very quickly.

Tarik said the elevation wore him out, and if that is the case and he was able to compete like he did today… well let's just say a tired Tarik Spencer is a good thing!

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