Eye On Recruiting: Bradley Miller

Bradley Miller the prototype tight end in Coach Locksley's system? Go inside and find out!

During spring practice I spoke with both Coach Locksley and Coach Dickey (offensive coordinator) about the type of TE's they were looking for. According to our conversation they were looking for tight ends that can put defenders on their backsides when it comes to certain plays, but also TE's that can catch the ball. Not just good hands, but guys that can move out to the slot and WR positions, run good routes, get open, catch the ball, and then move with the ball. Coach Dickey told me something to the effect that the days of the Tight End being a glorified guard aren't part of this offense.


That brings us to 6-5 210lb TE/WR Bradley Miller of Sealy HS (Sealy TX) In an interview I conducted with Brad he said that he would do whatever it takes to win the game. "If you need me to put someone on their back, I will put them on their back. If you need me to catch the game winning touchdown, I will make that catch."


I was thoroughly impressed talking to Miller as his words let you know that he knows that it is a team thing. Not a Miller thing. According to Brad Miller he is going to make his decision after he attends Baylor's camp in mid-July and after that Miller says he will make his decision.


Click here to listen to the entire interview


Obviously Miller is a talented player that fits the mold that Coach Locksley and Dickey talked about when they talked about tight ends. Guess Lobo coaches and fans have a few more weeks to find out if Bradley Miller wants to be the perfect fit in this puzzle.

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