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The Red Menace community comes together for you in more exclusive interviews! Plus, find out how you can join our band of crazy Lobo fans!

A quote I read the other day that resonated with me as I started putting this collection of podcast/interviews that we call Red Menace radio together…

 That quote was something like this, "there is nothing as valuable as your time." Rick Warren… If you lose money you can get that back. If you lose possessions those can be replaced, but you cannot replace time. Once it is gone, it is gone…

 That is why I totally love the interviews I'm putting up. I didn't ask Rudy C., Wes Henderson, or Mike The Anonymous One to do the things they do. Since we put all our money into YAFL donations and take no website donations, these 3 guys don't get paid to do what they do, they do it out of a burning passion for the University of New Mexico and the state we live in.

 Unlike other websites around the world this isn't an exclusive club. You don't have to be registered, give money, or be part of some wannabe cool kids club. We just want to allow you to share your Lobo passion with the rest of the world. It is the foundation that this website was built on and will continue to operate on. We all come together to support Lobo athletics with not only our pocket books, but with our passion!

 Today's version of Red Menace radio is all that as Rudy C. interviewed Senior Associate Athletics Director Tim Cass about the current renovations at The Pit and plans for the Football stadium.

Rudy C. with Tim Cass

 Lo and behold Mike The Anonymous One puts the artist renderings of The Pit side by side with current pictures of The Pit and you can see how things are coming together! Amazing how these two guys made each other's hard work that much more impressive.

 Then Wes Henderson… Heads out to the North South All-Star game where he is writing for both but also the Rio Rancho Observer. During that time there, he is asked to do color for the NMAA web broadcast of the game and viola a star is born.

Wes with Dante Caro

Wes with Dallas Bollema

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these gentlemen's hard work and the next time you are perusing The Red Menace just remember these aren't paid professionals (though their stuff is professional quality) they are just like you and I. All have jobs, go to school, have families, and other interests… Also like you and I they have a burning passion for UNM athletics and have found a way to express that love and passion.

 You can be just like these 3 gentlemen. How you ask? Simple, become a part time reporter, join our message board start "blogging" if you will it is free, contact us how we can get you started on our YAFL football ticket drive, or anything else we can do to benefit Lobo Nation! isn't just some website… It is a New Mexico Tradition!

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