You Gotta Love Locks!

Coach Locks isn't just a player's coach, he is also TRM's coach! Luckily he didn't have us running laps as I might have made it from the ten yard line to the fifty! Also, a special sports card give away for your YAFL donations!

Nobody is exempt from the watchful eye of the University of New Mexico coaching staff. Even the ramblings of "professional" writers of staff! Okay I can't even joke about being calling us professionals...

Quick poll, what makes Coach Locks smile more?
A.) Watching Demond Dennis make moves like this.
B.) Busting the chops of TRM writers

Today Coach Locks after watching freshman Demond Dennis make a quick move to the sidelines, make an unbelievable cut back and split two defenders en route to a touchdown, an excited Coach Locks yelled out, "that's freshman Demond Dennis, not Desmond Dennis!" towards Mike "The Anonymous One" and myself with that trademarked Coach Locks' grin! We had a good laugh, but I have a feeling Coach Lock's grin had more to do more with watching Double D's play then it did with busting our chops, and why not? Dennis has had a pair of good practices, has confidence, and on the field remains humble while soaking in the college experience.

Donovan Porterie and B.R. Holbrook led today's team and I must say DP is making his case to be the starting QB early putting the ball where it needs to be, and when in trouble pulled the ball down and take off. DP said he had confidence in the knee and today he proved it. Holbrook who many people think is one dimensional pocket passer showed that he to can run with the ball when asked to.

Dennis wasn't the only frosh showing today as Adam Watson and Myles Daughtry also had a nice showing today.
Adam Watson

Myles Daughtry

Defensively Frankie Solomon is looking really good, and the senior looks to have improved his coverage ability. Former safety and starting LB Clint McPeek was able to scoop up a batted ball for an interception and I thought Anthony Hooks made a couple of nice plays, and Bubba Forrest also had a couple of break ups. You can tell these guys are revved up and ready to get the pads a cracking! Coach Locks told the hungry defensive backfield that he is going to let them hit receivers soon enough... "I promise you guys, you will be able to hit them, but until then, just tag them." Like General Maximus in the movie Gladiator, Coach Locks is about to unleash hell!
Clint McPeek not just a hitting machine.

Hey Bubba!

 Speaking of unleashing hell… Sr. DeAndre Davis and Fr. Jacori Greer just dominated their side of the line! Play after play Davis and Greer were on quarterbacks! Davis nearly had an interception while he and Greer had more then their fair share of sack opportunities!

Jacori Greer zooms in for a sack!

Offensive Play Maker of Practice

QB Donovan Porterie

 This is going to sound a little weird, but Donovan looks to have gained his sophomore form physically, and senior form mentally. Put it together with the teaching of Coach Tee Martin and DP is really looking like the leader of this team.

Defensive Player Maker of Practice

DE DeAndre Davis

 They only ran a few plays, but DeAndre was like a can opener on the defensive line, and once he opened up that can of whoop ass it was on! Davis jumped up and in a super athletic move nearly had the INT. He followed that up with more trips to sack or harass the QB then Wes does to band camp! And when DeAndre hit the sidelines, DE Jacori Greer came in and exploited what DeAndre had crushed!


So I was talking to Lobo Play by play guy Scott Galetti yesterday and we were laughing because he has a sports card from when he was with the CBA. I told him to give me some so I can use them as a give away and that is exactly what we are going to do.

 For a $36.00 donation (all money goes to buy season tickets for YAFL players this season.) we will ship you an official Scott Galetti CBA card circa 1889 errr 1985. For a $72.00 donation I will get you a Scott Galetti signature on said card!

 So please call me at 505-917-1407 so that we can get your money for New Mexico's youth and you can get a hold of this valuable piece of sports memorabilia!

How much is this card worth on Ebay? would like to thank Scott for making these cards available to us… And letting us poke fun at him!

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