Never Let Them See You Sweat!

The players are going for roughly 2.5 hours a day... The coaches are doing 5.

When I left my house, I stupidly looked at the thermometer on my back porch; 98 degrees at 4:20 pm. On my way into the parking lot at the practice fields I saw an ambulance and thought "How nice they are waiting just for me." I said that because I can see the dividends that Coach Locksley and Troy Hatton's "make you or break you" workouts have paid.

Coach Mallory doesn't even break a sweat!

These Lobos are a fit bunch and easily handled the heat. I made my best impersonation of a light pole and used whatever shade I could to beat the heat.
Today I saw a coaching staff that has more drills than Black and Decker. The relentless pace of fall ball has TRM going into shift work. I caught Josh Taufalele after the first session and he looked fresh as a daisy.
(Editor's Note: Rudy C. you really want to be calling this man a "Daisy"?)

Next up the Silver gorup (or was it the Cherry?) After about 45  minutes of drilling the squad gathered for some scrimaging. During this time the intensity exploded and you could hear both coaches and players exhorting the participants. True frosh Dillion Farrell was manning the center position and Coach Degory had some positive shouts of "Good job Dillion". For no other reason than being singled out, I give the Offensive player of practice session to to Dillion.

Coach Degory explains the difference between New Mexico "dry" heat and Florida's humidified heat.

I must, however, give a shout out to Kasey Carrier the freshman running back who is filling some big shoes by donning number 21, which was formerly worn by All-MWC running back Rodney Ferguson. Carrier did not dissapoint and Coach Locks had his eyes all over the young man. James Wright also showed what a load he is going to be catching some flare and swing passes. Wright has a "take no prisoners" running style that is sure to earn significant playing time if not the starting nod.The QB;s spent more time under center today and running the football under this coaching regime is not an afterthought. This Lobo offense will run the football and run it well!

"The Advantage" Coach Tee Martin

Coach Gerald
Coach Barlow says, "Let's play two!"

Defensive tackle Reggie Ellis was talking a bit too, including some jawing at Caoch Locksley. It was all good as you could see Coach Locks was pleased with the effort. On the defensive side of the ball Safety Jesse Paulsen, Coach Paulsen's son and a redshirt freshman was out to make plays! Two times he had his hands on the ball but could not retain possession. For his efforts Jesse gets the 505 Pride award. He had a good day as well as converted linebacker Seth Johannemann who was running "first team" at Defensive end. He caught my attention so much that I name him the Defensive player of todays second session of practice.I also grabbed him for an interview.
Heat doesn't affect Coach Neinas that is why he is going with the mountain man look!
Coach Carter has left the blood and SWEAT on all levels of football!
By 6:30 pm I was doing my best rendition of a roasted marshmallow so I hightailed it home for an icy shower! I have to give props to the coaches because as tough as it is on the media, I cant imagine how tough it is on the coaches who have to concentrate twice as long and work twice as hard. Judging by the results so far I must say that this is one highly motivated and motivating group of coaches.

Never slow down! Coach Blackshear

Cheston Blackshear was blowing and going just as intensely at the end of the second session as the beginning of the first. Tackles and tight-ends are getting an earful from this guy and the effort is paying off. The team ended practice with a short meeting at the 50 yard line and broke the huddle with pep in their step. Could it be the ice baths that were awaiting some sweaty young Lobos? I think so! Or, maybe it was the day off today that had them running off the field and dreaming off sleeping late and napping all Sunday.See you Monday for double session number 4 and, thankfully, the last one. My "dogs" are barking!

Ben Skaer's "dogs" never bark... Nor should they shank!

People have been asking us how much different things are at UNM under Coach Locks then the previous regime. We could obviously gave our answers on the message board, but come on let's be honest, we are some of the most hardcore fans around, plus Locks gives us total access… Our "friends" in the media would scoff at us, so we went to ask the guy that has seen and worked for every coach that has come and gone since Rudy Feldman in the late 60's- early 70's… This guy has been at UNM since Lee Roy was in diapers. Equipment Manager Rudy Garcia.

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