Yeah... It Is A Dry Heat!

Yes it is a dry heat... So is an oven! Things are getting hot on the Lobo practice field. Come inside and check out who were the top Lobos and find out what's cooler then cool!

I'm not sure what was the biggest competition today, the battle for the starting running back position, or those of us battling for the smallest bit of shade that the scoreboard and light poles gave us?

Today's playmaker had to be the trainers as they were quick with water and soaking wet towel for the players as we easily hit 100 degrees today. There was practice to be played today and heat isn't an excuse. "Yeah it's hot out there," said Coach Locks. "I hope it gets hotter and some humidity so we can be ready for what we will be feeling at College Station." So says the man who epitomizes the OutKast song "What's cooler then ice cold? Coach Locks! The man does not sweat, and it isn't like he isn't working, he is just cooler then ice cold!

Well there was sweating going on the field no doubt as I caught the last part of the first half of the last split squad scrimmage and hello Kasey Carrier! The freshman on back-to-back screen plays showed that he can play at this level. Catch a pass make a move and take off for a long gainer if not a touchdown!

RB Kasey Carrier
Click here for Kasey

After some special teams work the first squad headed to the weight room while the second squad hit the practice field. It was clear to me very quickly that RS-Fr B.R. Holbrook was on fire! And I'm not talking the 100 degree heat either, though his passes had a little somethin' somethin' on them. Coach Tee Martin said, "B.R. ain't playing today." Indeed he wasn't as Holbrook was the most consistent QB today.

Holbrook and Porterie's favorite target of the day was big WR Carmeiris Stewart who made himself open on numerous plays. Also a solid target was Nick Wilhelm, who always seems to get open.

Nick Wilhelm
Also in the second half AJ Butler had a solid day both catching screen passes and running up the gut during The Thud drill.

Bubba Forrest was the man once again when it came to the defensive backfield as I had him with at least two pass break ups, a d solid coverage.

Two freshmen crashed the line as Jacori Greer busted in and batted a pass down. Fellow frosh Dallas Bollema had an awesome play as well, as Bollema came untouched on a blitz, jumped up, knocking the ball right into his hands. Unfortunately, for Dallas, AJ Butler being alert was able to volleyball spike the ball away.

Jump Ball  Bollema v. Dennis

Things got a little testy today, as this team is ready for some full contact, lucky for them, and us, Tuesday is the first full day in pads!

Lee Roy's Offensive Player of The Day

QB B.R. Holbrook

Not only was he tossing some fireballs out there, but he also pulled down the ball when necessary and made a quick sprint. What sealed the deal for me was on a WR reverse play #12 was playing Hitman and leading the blocking parade. That is the kind effort that gets you noticed!

Lee Roy's Defensive Playmaker

#28 Bubba Forrest

Forrest is having a solid camp so far and today was no different as the young safety played solid coverage today, broke up some passes, and could be playing himself into some serious playing time this fall.


Rudy C. hits us up with his version of today's report

 Cher scored a 60's hit with the song "The beat goes on" with words like "drums keep pounding a rhythm in my brain". Well the brains are about to burst out on the Lobo practice field. Another "hottie" was the word at UNM practice fields where the Lobos completed day four (FINALLY!) of what was one of the most grueling starts to a fall camp that this correspondent has ever covered.

I wish DHLoboF had his camera to snap a picture of the Lobo O-line in the ice baths outside "The Tow". Not many people would last one practice much less four. Yet, it is what other schools are doing and Coach Locks wants more humidity because it would be the "icing on the cake". Coach Locks and his staff remain cool and calm even going so far as the man himself wearing long sleeves and double layers. I saw no visible sweat on Coach Locks so keeping cool under heat seems like a discipline he has conquered. I offered some help with hoses and misters to increase the humidity at practice but Coach Locks said he was just joking (I think)!

Anyway on to the task at hand, the pace of practice has not dropped and the rhythm of drills is keeping the interest level high. The battles are shaping up and tomorrow the gloves come off, (if they haven't already). The final practice featured BR Holbrook and Donovan Porterie but really it was the receivers took over the show. Lots of intensity one-on-one with the Lobo receivers trying to one up the Lobo defenders. A lot of "spy vs. spy" out there with Bryant Williams, Nick Wilhelm and my Offensive player of practice… Carmeiris Stewart, who is showing the speed and hands that have to make a receivers coach at least fall asleep for a few minutes at night!

Click here to listen to Carmeiris

I also watched "The Hitmen" battle the D-line and came away impressed with the play of Peter Gardner. I had to wait for a while after practice as Peter got a little individual attention from former NFL D-line great Rubin Carter. If anyone knows the cost of being the "boss" it is Rubin Carter. I know that under his watchful eye, the biggest question mark on this team, the D-line, will be A-OK Besides if you cannot learn from Rubin then you are never going to get it.

Click here to listen to Peter Gardner

Tomorrow all the team assembles to show what they have learned and the depth chart will begin to take shape. TRM will be there!

Some notes of interest. Ian Clark left the field with an apparent left shoulder injury. Let's all give Ian a shout out and hope that the injury is not serious and we will see Ian back out on the practice and playing field soon!

People were also asking about Emmanuel McPhearson and Calvin McDowney status. They have some paperwork hold-ups that have not allowed them to join the team just yet. Look for both of these young men to join the team when the fall semester begins in a few weeks.

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