Lobo Reality Shows!

Fall practice is the best reality show out there, go inside and see how UNM practice compares!

Last week WR Daryl Jones said that fall practice is the ultimate reality show. If it is the ultimate then we should call it something like New Mexico has talent, 505 Idol, Survivor: Lock Island? If Hank Baskett was around we could work a Kendra angle. So if Coach Locks is Simon Cowel... I get to be Ryan Seacrest, and Wes can chase Paula around with his press pass.

Lobo fan through Osmosis

Big Brother:

I spoke with Tim Cass (Associate AD or whatever it is called.) Anyway, our "Big Brother" wanted me to assure all of you that are part of the official Red Menace tailgate party that they (UNM) really want us front and center because as fans "we get it" and are building traditions that they UNM wants to help us grow! Tim also explained why the decisions were made and what they are hoping the moving of fan fest accomplishes. So be patient Lobo fans and roll with it, UNM has some really big plans to make the entire area look really special.

The Apprentice:
It Is difficult to imagine Coach Locksley with the hair of "The Donald"... However, like Mr. Trump Coach Locks is looking for player(s) to step up and be leaders on this football team. So the question has to be, who is going to step up, and at what positions is that "player leader" going to come from? Coaches and or teammates can name someone a captain, but are these captains leaders, or just the guy that calls heads or tails?

Survivor: Lock's Island
Second question of the day and week, is who is going to keep their jobs, and who is going to rip a job away?

We talked to B.R. Holbrook earlier this fall and I told him it was a good thing he didn't transfer because he was having a really good camp, and while I am no coach, I can see when a player has stepped up his game, and in my mind B.R. The past two weeks looks like the best QB out there and at this point in my mind he is the backup quarterback. His arm is nice, he throws a nice spiral, and while he isn't considered a running quarterback, he does enough to be a threat to keep defenders honest. As he gets more experience within the offense and can get through his progressions, watch out! The dark horse may be coming in. The only knock of course is that he doesn't have the experience.

Other positions on  "Lock's Island" trying to keep their torch lit. Frosh Demond Dennis was the early superstar at the RB position, and rightfully so as he is super talented... The last couple of days it has been the AJ Butler picks up tough yards while Kasey Carrier continues to shake defenders away en route to big chunks of yardage. To be honest today I was wondering if James Wright was injured or in the doghouse as he just wasn't seeing the field as much... Then the Lobos went to the red zone drill. In that 20 yard zone Wright was the answered any questions. He is a tough runner! This position battle is going to be one of the most exciting as all four could tote the pigskin.

AJ Butler

The most wide-open spots are the wide receiver positions. Roland Bruno, Bryant Williams, and Nick Wilhelm have played well so far including a pair of William's TD's today. The outside receivers leaders at this time in my mind are Carmeiris Stewart, Michael Scarlett, and Ty Kirk. Chris Hernandez's injury couldn't have come at a worse time as he is losing valuable learning time. Today Stewart and Scarlett seemed the most active, but they aren't as consistent as the slot receivers.

Ty Kirk

New Mexico's Got Talent

I have been following Lobo football for quite a few decades now, very closely the last decade and at this point I am comfortable in saying this is the most talented group of players to ever be assembled at UNM.

Coach Locks has maintained through all his interviews that true freshmen can and will play. We have mentioned many of these young men and the next couple of weeks who will earn playing time. Guys like Dennis, Carrier, Dillon Farrell, Jacori Greer, Ben Skaer… These are guys that are looking good, as well as some of the RS-Fr that are making moves as well… New Mexico has talent!

 Big Man On Campus
Calvin "Juice" Mc Downey and Emmanuel Mc Phearson were finally cleared to practice with the Lobo football team. Per NCAA rules they had to wear shorts today, but to quote Erik Cook, "You are a big guy and you don't even have pads on!"
"Juice" McDowney

McPhearson on defense!


Fear Factor
 How about Joe Stoner? Dude mixes with big Erik Cook. To quote Joe Rogan
Joe Stoner, "obviously Fear is not a factor for you!"

Lobo Idol

Offensive Player of Practice
WR Bryant Williams

Some nice snags in red zone drills… The Lobos new offense really takes advantage of slot receivers… B. Williams is one of those types of player
Defensive Player of Practice
LB Carmen Messina

 Sacks, hard hits, makes Messina being quite destructive during today's practice.

 Star Search
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To wrap it up…in my best Seacrest imitation…

 Lee Roy out!

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