Last Two A Day

Go inside to see how Rudy C. it! Yeah okay it is cheesy but come on we all wear face paint and wigs

Foreigner once sang... "Head knocker, head knocker coming on strong a real show stopper..." Today at the Lobo Football Practice Complex as the true "head knockers" continued their rise to claim starting roles on this years 'Pack, the lyrics of another Foreigner song, "Urgent", rang in my ears.


Showstoppers are a coach's dream and sometimes come in the most unassuming forms. More on that later, as the last two-a-day practice wound to an end, the coaching staff made sure they had everyone's attention by running full pad, full go scrimmage in the 6th hour of actual practice and who knows how many classroom hours to prepare for today's long march.

This dance can get painful!


After practice, as the team gathered, Coach Locksley complimented the team on pushing through and maximizing practice time by saying, "You can come out here and just try to last for 2 hours but that is not what championship effort is about. I appreciate how hard you are working and your focus today, but it has to continue and accelerate the pace to be a true winner. Let's do that tomorrow."

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Defensive head knockers that stood out to me were numerous and included the usual suspects and one you would never think. He is whom I alluded to earlier in this piece and is my "Head knocker" award winner for today; Trey Hardaway? Good guess, but no. Clint "Killer" McPeek? Again, good guess and thanks for playing but...NOOOO! How about Frankie Solomon? What, you say? WHAT? 5' 10" 185lbs Frankie Solomon? But it was true as he showed that he is one tough guy, stepping up to stuff the run time and again. Plus he broke up two (that I saw) sure TD's with great body control and a strong hand to strip away the rock. He has a sense of where the play is going and is quick as a cat to react. You never want to take a player like that for granted, that's for sure. Bubba Forrest who caused an interception by tipping a pass turned in another strong practice and keeping it alive for corner Edrick Boger to tuck away for the Cherry clad defenders. A little whooping it up for the D!
Boger makes the tackle

 The offense of course struck back later in the practice and continued to show that it will be diverse and run a lot of formations and plays. Donovan continued his stranglehold on the starting job with another focused practice. He looks so far removed from the injury and has a great presence in the huddle, and, as he goes through the mundane drill after drill, after drill...

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 As the team prepares for this Saturday's scrimmage, which is said to determine the depth chart going into the first test at College Station, Texas, I caught up with freshman surprise Kasey Carrier, defensive stalwart Carmen Messina and the mastermind of mayhem, Defensive Coordinator Doug Mallory.  ! 8 days till kickoff. I can almost smell the tailgate charcoal! Head knocker, head knocker...coming on strong


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