The Cone of Silence

Go inside to get the new rules if you intend to view a practice. Also, check out the latest... Or is it?

How many of you remember Don Adams in Get Smart? When Max wanted to try and keep things secret he would tell "The Chief" to break out the Cone Of Silence, so that nobody would know how "Control" was going to thwart the evil plans of "KAOS".

Well today the Lobo football program broke out their own version of The Cone of Silence. For those of you that don't read the message board I must first ask, what is wrong with you? There is tons of information passed there... Sorry I digress. Okay, back to the topic on hand. The new rules as explained to me is as followed: UNM asks only two representatives from each media outlet show up and check in with the SID's office.

 For fans wishing to attend practice you must call the football offices to receive permission. For those that do attend, no live updates from practice i.e. no twits a twittering. The best rule of thumb is not to take your cellular devices. Like I said the cone of silence is on, and being a fan of subterfuge and the chess game between coaches I really like it.

Leave your cell phone in the car!

As far as practice, Coach Locksley told me the coaches are staring to break down Texas A&M's film, but they haven't really started giving it to the players yet. "We still want to clean some things up from the scrimmage," said Locks. "We are putting in some plays we will be using vs. A&M... We as coaches know that, but the players don't… yet"

The players were in helmets and I tried to play special attention to the quarterbacks as Porterie along with Brad Gruner and B.R. Holbrook are in a heated battle for their position on the depth chart. Earlier last week I felt that Holbrook had surpassed Gruner, and wasn't looking back. Well Brad Gruner isn't just going to give up his spot without a fight, and I'm starting to see a sense of urgency that he may not have shown last week. That sense of urgency has Gruner back in that three way race.

It was good to see AJ Butler out on the practice field after being walloped bay Anthony Hooks during last Saturday's scrimmage. Coach Dickey has for different styles at the running back position, with Double D., Kasey Carrier, James Wright, and AJ Butler. All 4 bring something to the table. It will be interesting to see how much time each back is given and in what situations.

With camp fall camp ending and as we move into the season, you see a lot more tape on guys and there are those little nagging bumps and bruises associated with football. With those sorts of things and with depth chart movement, there are a few changes here and there, but we want to respect Coach Locks' wishes and will keep quiet! In the movie Meet The Parents I believe they called it the "circle of trust"

While there wasn't any serious contact, it was nice to see Ian Clark without the "blue jersey" on we will see if that remains the same now that it gets physical again.

Also, here is the debate, how do you keep Jonathan Rainey out of the starting Defensive End position? He along with Jaymar Latchison, and DeAndre Davis are pushing each other big time, and the ones to benefit from this? Why the University of New Mexico Lobo football team!
Jaymar Latchison

Well I hope I gave you a little taste of what is going on inside the "Cone of Silence"... Now I'll go back to my boyhood dreams of Agent 99!

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