Dungy Counsels Locksley

Turning a big negative into a positive! Coach Locksley who has been under fire the past few months now has another gentleman in his corner... Former NFL Coach Tony Dungy

In the past 3 months since the incident involving University of New Mexico Coach Mike Locksley, I've asked how many times does this man have to apologize and ask for forgiveness? In the months since the incident, Coach Locksley has been subject to ongoing criticism, the drumbeat maddening to we the fan base. Criticism that he has accepted and moved on with… And that is exactly what Locksley and the University of New Mexico are doing, is moving on!

 Today's news is part of moving on and putting the past behind.

 "I'm really pleased for the Lobos," says Kathleen Hessert of Sportsmediachallenge.com "It is a real measure of people providing leadership training for a head coach, and UNM went out and got the best."

 Hessert is referring to the news that former Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneer head coach Tony Dungy is working with Mike Locksley in Dungy's new mentorship program for minority coaches.

Coach Tony Dungy

 "Tony has been in conversations with the NCAA to begin his program and the timing with Coach Locksley just worked out perfectly," says Hessert. "Paul heard about this, suggest it to Coach Locksley… Coach Dungy wants to help, Coach Locksley wants the help and they just clicked."

"Paul Krebs suggested the mentorship," said Coach Locksley.

 "It truly is an all access approach to coaching on and off the field," says Hessert. "Being a first time head coach and all that is involved is real life change. So why not speak with someone that has experienced it and allow that person to share life lessons and experiences with the new coach, and what a phenomenal man guy to learn from in Tony Dungy."

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