2009 Fan Appreciation Award Winners!

Go inside and listen to the interviews with this year's Red Menace Fan Appreciation Award winners!

This award is presented to a senior who most represents what the Red Menace section is all about. The most devoted, dedicated and determined Lobo who will not quit, no matter the odds. The player who maybe doesn't get the spotlight, but is always leading the charge and, as the Lobo Fight Song says, "Fighting ever, yielding never".

While the 2009 season turned out to be a rebuilding year under Coach Locksley, there was no lack of candidates for this year's award. For the second time in the history of the award, we have co-winners.

The 9th annual Red Menace Fan Appreciation Award for the very first time goes to a pair of loved offensive linemen… Sr. Center Erik Cook and Sr. Guard Joshua Taufalele.

Congratulations from the entire Red Menace Family!


Click here to listen to E. Cook

Click here to listen to Josh T.


It was such a tough year to name an award winner, as all the senior players were deserving of this year's award. The way they led by example, and left everything on the field was amazing and well appreciated by us freaks in The Red Menace Zone… But it was the first home game of the year after the Lobos lost a tough game to Tulsa when Erik and Josh came up after the game to thank fans in The Red Menace for coming that they won the award! Such class from a pair of great Lobos!


Like Dom's award presentation said Cook and Taufalele are the first offensive linemen to win this award because let's face it, not many big men make the Lobo Leap! However, after the Lobo victory over CSU on senior night both Josh and Erik came storming into The Red Menace and made the Leap and Red Menace History as they joined previous winners…


2001 Scott Gerhardt

2002 Brandon Gregory

2003 Billy Strother

2004 Kyle Coulter

2005  Hank Baskett III

2006 Curtis Pino

2007 Marcus Smith and Travis Brown

2008 DeAndre Wright

2009 Erik Cook and Joshua Taufalele


So we close the 2009 season and our thoughts turn to next year's juniors and which Lobo football players will continue the tradition of The Lobo Leap… Which player sets himself apart from the pack and joins this list of Red Menace Hall of Famers!



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