The Unheralded

They may not always capture the headlines. Some may never be mentioned anywhere but here, your home for Lobo football...

Rather then a practice report from Wednesday I thought I would wrap up a few things on guys that may not be getting enough publicity this spring or guys we may not have mentioned.


AJ Butler

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 I know we have talked AJ up quite a bit but I have to admit I have been very impressed watching him grow into the safety position. It is only fitting that he capped it off on Wednesday by returning an interception and 70 yd TD run.


Matt Raymer

 The 5-9 safety has really came up big the last few scrimmages. Picking up a couple of interceptions and sticking his nose into plays. I don't know how much you will hear about Raymer this season, but just want #99 to know we see you man!


Cody Neely
I don't know how many times this spring dude comes up the middle on an LB blitz and is either knocking down a ball or stuffing a QB!


Jonathan Mader

 Some would say Mader had a quiet spring… They would be wrong. Mader has been solid in red zone situations, and when I say solid, I'm talking about catching the ball for TD's! He is a big target and is displaying the hands to play.


DeShawn Mills

I have been impressed watching Mills get to the QB on a corner blitz. He is improving on his cover skills, but the physical nature Mills has been hitting with has been exciting to watch.


Peter Gardner

Big Pete is just a beast of a man in the middle of the defensive line. Not sure he has made that one spectacular play or had that one spectacular practice. What Big Pete has done is be consistently good at his position.


Jon Washington

First I'm impressed with Washington's size, and as far as I can tell he is improving at the Tackle position. The Lobos need to fill depth at the tackle position. Washington seems to have had a solid spring.

 I'm sure I'm missing some guys, but Friday will be our "Red Menace Eye On You" awards… Will any of these guys be on there? If not, at least we got to mention them.

I will give Emmanuel McPhearson credit on Wednesday, he came up on a running play and who was there to meet him? 6-5 330lb Byron Bell. The 5-10 184 McPhearson was obliterated by Bell, but as a fan I have to say I like players that aren't just tough but a little nuts! Props E!

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