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It has been an amazing ten years for in The Pit. Here is our 10 year all Red Menace basketball team!

It is hard to believe, but 10 years ago in June was formed then under the name as… TRM as it also affectionately known prides itself on following Lobo sports like no other media outlet before or after. It is truly a group of fans writing and covering Lobo sports as fans…

To put is simply likes to say: A website for the fans, by the fans!

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary we have decided to name an all-time Red Menace men's basketball and football team. Today we are unveiling our All-Red Menace team in men's basketball as voted on by the staff…

Some of the players might not be the most talented player over the last few years but they were the players that wear the Lobo uniform with honor, and others could be considered all-time Lobo greats…

Here is your Red Menace all Decade Team:  

C 6'9" Daniel Faris- In 2004 then Coach Ritchie McKay walked around the Lobo football stadium with a tall gangly young man from Eldorado HS… The members of The Red Menace unveiled a sign that said "We Want Faris!" Daniel eventually signed with the Lobos and became the player that never gives up mentally and would never back down to any player he guarded no matter the size. Faris was a high energy self made man that really endeared himself to Lobo fans and to TRM to this day.

F 6'8" Danny Granger- Easily the best player in the Red Menace time, and quite possibly one of the greatest Lobos of all-time… He lead the Lobos to the NCAA tourney in 2005 and a MWC tourney Championship. Now he is in the top 10 in scoring in the NBA the last two years and is currently in Las Vegas for Team USA basketball try-outs.

F 6'6" Roman Martinez- "Ro" is quite possibly the most loved Lobo basketball player of all time. He came to New Mexico as a beanpole, with skinny arms, a sunken chest, and a big smile, but nobody can measure a man's heart… And when you say heart you say Ro Martinez. Not to be cliché but Ro is truly a jack of all trades and master of none on the basketball court. He may not have filled the stat sheets, but by just determination and focus he would will the Lobo team to victory!

6'5" Mark Walters- The Local player (Highland HS) that everyone loved. Mark was a tough guy that could have easily played LB for Rocky Long across the street, but instead chose to lead the Lobo basketball program. He was indeed that linebacker on the court as his drives were always using that football mentality. Walters was named all-MWC 3 of his four years including his senior year when he was named 1st team all-MWC… Mark Walters is currently serving in the United States Army! We are really proud of Mr. Walters!

G 6'2" Dairese Gary- "the bulldog," Another basketball player with a football mentality! His drives through the lane are quickly becoming legendary as he carves through opponents like a sledgehammer that holds his team together and has no problem sacrificing his body for the betterment of UNM. Gary is the 1st player to sign with new Lobo Coach Steve Alford.

6th man

WF 6'5" Tony Dandrige- There where many players that could have filled this spot but the Red Menace thought Tony was the entertainer on the court filling all over with ridiculous hops. Tony is also a testament to hard work and perseverance through injury. Prior to the start of the 2007-08 season Dandridge went down with a season ending broken leg! Instead of rolling over and quitting Tony rehabbed and recovered and came back for the 2008-09 all-MWC honors! Tony also captured picked up serious honors winning the Final Four Dunk contest and a belt he brought back to UNM…

Others receiving votes: Darrington Hobson, JR Giddens, David Chiotti, and Ruben Douglas

The Red Menace thanks each and everyone of you for the support you have given us the past 10 years. We hope you enjoy our list and will be creating something special with your list in the very new feature.

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