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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Quarterback Russell Wilson met with the media following Wednesday's practice to talk about NC State's upcoming matchup with Central Florida.

How would you grade the offense out coming off the WCU game?
I don't really put a grade on it. I think we need to get better and we're a work in progress and we need to keep pushing and getting better as a team. In every way, in every fashion of the game. Be perfect on every pass, every run or every block that you fit on.

What have you seen out of UCF on film that stuck out to you?
They have a lot of experience more than anything. They have played a lot of games, and we have too as an offense. They are a great defense, they have a lot of speed and they are physical.

Are the linebackers the strength of that defense?
They have great players on the defensive line, linebackers and secondary. It's going to be a good game.

Last year you opened against South Carolina and score only three points, this year you open up with 48 points. Is it better to get a game like this under your belt early in the year?
We could have won that game last year, but that was last year. It's always nice to get that first win and focus on continuing to get the next win and the next one after that.

How did you feel like you played against Western? Did you feel rusty?
I thought I played pretty good. I can always get better, that's how I look at it no matter how many completions or incompletions I throw. I always think I can do better and play better. I didn't feel rusty at all. I'm just trying to focus and get better and make the team better.

Did T.J. Graham's play surprise you at all? Have you seen that from him in practice?
I've seen that play out of T.J. ever since the beginning. He's a great player and he's working hard and getting better. Everybody else is trying to get better as well.

Talk about traveling this week. It's a little bit different.
We have a great coaching staff and they kind of get everybody relaxed and explain how everything is going. Everything is clear cut where you need to be when you need to be there so the organization half of it is ready to go. Then you have to relax and once you get out there on the field 100 yards is 100 yards. It doesn't matter where you play it.

What will you do during the day Saturday waiting around for the late kickoff?
Relax, eat breakfast. We might watch a little mow film, go through your playbook. Every once in a while you might watch some College Game Day and get excited.

How did you think Dean Haynes and Mustafa Greene looked in their first action?
They did a great job. They need to get better as well and they need to keep pushing themselves. I think they are going to be great running backs for us. They know where to be and how to get there.

Nobody on the offensive line had ever actually started a game. Talk about that and how they looked. Did you see that as a question mark going in?
The offensive line has done a great job so far through camp and the first game they did a great job. They are seeing things well, the center is calling it out where we need to go. They are just trying to get better every day. We have a lot of talented offensive linemen, real athletic guys and smart guys.

Against Western Carolina 11 different guys caught the ball. When you have that many weapons how important is it to spread it around?
It's a positive thing because they don't know who to cover. You've got so many guys with so much talent who can get open and make plays for us every play basically. Getting the ball to a lot of different guys is always good.

Going into the first road trip, do you think all the traveling you did this summer will help you at all?
Yeah, but not really. I've been on the road to big-time games before so it's no different. Like I said earlier, it's 100 yards whether it's home or away. They will be cheering against us instead of for us but that doesn't really matter.

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