Florida LB has NC State as Co-Favorite

Javier Estopinan will take an interest in the gridiron match-up between Ohio State and NC State. He lists both the Buckeyes and the Pack as co-favorites. The Insiders recently talked to Javier about his early leaders and TSW has the entire scoop.

Remember the name of Javier Estopinan. He will be one of the top linebacker prospects from the state of Florida this coming recruiting season. Estopinan, 6-3 and 230 pounds, recorded 110 tackles, 5 sacks and 2 interceptions as a junior playing middle linebacker for South Miami High School.

"I can drop into pass coverage and stop the run," Estopinan said. "I am physical, aggressive and have lots of energy out there. I am a sideline to sideline guy that finds the ball."

Estopinan credits wrestling in enhancing some of his football skills. This past season, he won the state championship, going 45-0.

"I have been wrestling since the 7th grade. It has been great on my hips, balance and coordination and has helped me become a better football player."

Estopinan bench presses 300 pounds, squats 405 and power cleans 285. Right now, he is waiting on his first official scholarship offer. Many should be on their way.

"Right now, NC State and Ohio State are my leaders. I also like Miami, Penn State, Michigan and LSU. I know football will always be at these schools. I want to find a place where I feel like I am at home."

Estopinan will attend the Nike Camp at the University of Miami.

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