Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following the Pack's 28-21 win over UCF.

Russell Wilson

"We've just got to get ready for Cincinnati."

"I think the experienced guys have got to lead more than anything."

"That's a big key, turnovers help you get field position."

Audie Cole

"I felt great about it. I had to. My grandpa has been on me all week because my 10-year old cousin had more tackles than me last week, so I had to have a good game today."

"It was the most intense defensive game that we've played since I've been here. In the past it hasn't been like that."

"We do what they tell us to do."

"I just saw the reverse and I had contain outside of the defense and saw a guy flying out of the backfield. I used to play quarterback, and I remember when you roll out after a fake you don't rollout like that. That guy was going somewhere. We used to run the exact same play in high school. I saw him take off down the sideline so I turned and went after him. The ball was there."

Mustafa Greene

"It was exciting, just going out there to help the football team."

"It was a big challenge."

"Me and Dean, we feed off each other. He starts it off and I come finish it. I start it off and he comes finish it."

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